Antorus: A Peep into Hope’s End


The third wing of Antorus is finally somewhat interesting considering encounters. It’s the wing that I actually LIKE – the first one among all.

The Kin’garoth fight is excellent for DPS as they have really much to do. You start using your movement abilities to reach the adds quickly. You need to avoid lots of different stuff – and the death ray was already christened a “crab slicer”, “crabs” being a pejorative nickname for players who apparently have crab claws instead of hands, thus poor skills. I confess that I’m somewhat of a crab considering death ray – when it’s turned on upon your head, you see nothing, and I normally start running in the wrong direction to cross the ray, so I die :) Nevertheless, the encounter is so cool, and it’s a challenge. And there’s a glorious factory explosion when you’re done here!

Then we finally step into the main Antorus building. I like the idea of a torture chamber with shivarra overlooking you from the ceiling, although the infamous nathrezim Varimathras is a dummy. Once people learn they must pile up in a tight pack, you just ignore everything else except your DPS and lazy movements 10 yards away from time to time. Yet this rest is very needed before the next – and the hardest yet – encounter with the Coven.

Coven of Shivarra is one of the most complex fights I’ve seen in a long time – even Gul’dan was way easier with all his phases. You have to remember every mechanics – and they are plenty, and they all could bring doom to your raid group. You need a perfect DPS coordination, you need to execute your moving across the battlefield with care and precision, and I find it extremely awesome that putting your control abilities in clever use is vital for survival – not only you, but the whole raid. In short, personal responsibility is king here, and this is the type of fights that I like most.

My rate list of encounters from most liked to most hated is this now:

  • Coven
  • Kin’garoth
  • Hasabel
  • Imonar
  • Worldbreaker
  • Varimathras
  • Felhounds
  • High Command
  • Eonar

Eager to see the last wing next week.


4 thoughts on “Antorus: A Peep into Hope’s End

  1. I really like your overview of raid wings. It’s helpful and has the essential information without being too overwhelming.

    I hope you keep it up in BfA :D

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  2. I agree with Lord; It’s one of the reasons I really like blogging and our community – I like reading the experiences you guys have more on a “down to earth” manner with more personality, than the standard guides :)


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