Legion Catch-Up in January 2018


Hooray! I’m back from New Year vacation, and it’s time to resume blogging and gaming :) And the first topic I would talk of is catching up in Legion with a new toon.

My dwarf fire mage, started in the middle of December, has leveled al the way through from 1 to 110. As usual, it was my normal leveling: mostly doing questlines, running available dungeons once, leveling her professions on the way – at least First Aid, Cooking and her main combo of Alchemy-Herbalism.

A couple of days ago she hit 100 – and rushed into Legion content. With Legion, she performed every zone questing in full, running the four respective dungeons once for Pillars of creation and Alchemy quests. That’s where she dinged 110!

She also did a part of mage campaign available and unlocked her 3rd relic. Her followers now are at miserable 104-106, so there’s much to do yet here. And still, considering catching up…

When you hit 110, you immediately get the maximum artifact knowledge. This means that upon your very first artifact power item after 110 you get this:


“You have enough AP to learn 111 new abilities”.

This, and with some Suramar questing which grants some awful amount of most powerful AP tokens, has brought her weapon to… 66.

Not even some of my properly leveled toons have as much on their main weapons!

Considering armor, she has got 5 cloth tokens which was enough to get her to the very first raid – Emerald Nightmare. And she ran EN – ToV – The Nighthold, getting enough ilvl to enter the next raid upon finishing the first one. I got the first Legendary (not the best one, but 1000 lvl which is important for ilvl) from Odyn. The quick entrance to Broken Shore granted her 400 shards to exchange for a token and get over 850.

Now she has only one wing to complete from The Nighthold, and with her current ilvl 857 it may well be enough to reach Tomb of Sargeras.

Upon reaching 850 she also got an access to Argus. So, with world quests and veiled argunite available… I guess I’ll be running Antorus LFR of 890 access level in no time.

The first day of Legion was Azsuna, Val’sharah and Highmountain along with obtaining artifact weapons and class campaign.

The second day of Legion was Stormheim, enter Suramar and 3 raids which brought me to Antorus.

Guys. No other expansion made catching up that fast. This is amazing :)



7 thoughts on “Legion Catch-Up in January 2018

  1. What is amazing in this? All the time invested in your other characters were wasted, you should have waited till now and level them this fast and easy.

    Or, you can wait 2 more years and level them to 120 and ilvl 1200 with the same ease.


    • And what’s not amazing in this?

      I see nothing wrong that you could catch up so easily with a new alt or a player who just entered Legion at this stage.

      Last year, 3 months after Legion release, I was also positively amazed by how easy it was to change specs with a fresh artifact.

      All the whining about how hard it would be to catch up with the AP grind appeared to be nonsense, that is so cool – and just as promised. One of the most alt-friendly and spec-friendly expansions.

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      • Because it can be used for mains too. If someone gets to the game right now, he can reach the same ilvl in a few hours that others worked 100+. So why bother playing the game early when you can get everything easier later?


      • Because an important part of the game experience is also the feeling of discovery, struggle, anticipation, feeling of content opening and new adventures you share with the community and friends. I don’t think that my time spent on twelve of my alts in Legion’s current content was a waste – not a single minute.

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  2. That is really great, I didn’t know it would be that fast. Legion has been an expansion where there were a lot of things “one had to do” in order to catch up, but it appears all those things are easy to get done by now, so changing mains is a much easier option. I remember back in the days, getting Tier 0.5, to just be able to set foot inside MC, to get things from there, to be able to set foot inside BWL. And so on. Now there are a ton of options.

    I think it’s fine, that the “work” we put into it a year ago, is a lot less for those that are just returning. It makes it seem a lot less overwhelming too, and I guess that’s a very great thing from a business perspective as well; that is one obstacle removed, and will make late-Legion appeal more to those, that fell “behind” because of a break.

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