Antorus: A Peep into Forbidden Descent


It would be the most hateful raid wing review I’ve written in a long time.

Forbidden Descent sucks.

Eonar encounter is a mess. It’s running in all directions rather than fighting, and there’s an annoying plinking at your head. You can never tell you’re done, and you don’t have a chance to stop and see the Legion vessel to crumble in the end.

Lore is beyond any sense. Yeah right, we arrived just in time to stop the numerous demon hordes from reaching Eonar. Because they waited for us to do so – and not a minute earlier.

Besides, Magni irritates me a lot. Blizzard did nothing to make him different from Brann, for example. He sounds like your ordinary dwarf, not a king who saw some shit and was reborn in diamond. This is sad that we will be seeing him further.

Cherry on the top, this encounter for some mysterious reasons won’t count into the wing achievement – and so you don’t get it. Because fuck you, that’s why.

Hasabel encounter is a bit more fun – once you figure out that there must be many people going to platforms, it becomes boring.

Engineer boss is nothing special. You just step out of the bad, is all. And did you see that ridiculous ‘plink’ of all the Vindicaar’s might that made a finger-sized hole in the gate? I laughed so hard :) At least I have no questions why Alliance won’t be using it against the Horde in battles to come :)

The second wing is something that becomes boring and tedious in halfway on your first run. I was not immersed by encounters, mostly I were hovering my mouse over boss’ health bars to see how much was left.

Antorus is awful yet.


3 thoughts on “Antorus: A Peep into Forbidden Descent

  1. Demonic hordes did not wait your arrival to attack Eonar. They did arrive on Paraxis. The lore of the encounter is that the raid arrives to Eonar moments before Paraxis pops in the sky, full with demons and their pet dogs and bats, and starts to teleport them to the battlefield, much like Sentinax teleports troops to the ground on the Broken Shore.

    Magni was meant to be the translator from planetary to common, nothing more.

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    • I mean, hello? They have a portal to Eonar grounds in the depths of Antorus, and they didn’t figure out what to do with it.

      Magni is a former king, and he talks like your common “well met” in a tavern. That’s not suitable for the character.

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  2. Oh, that sounds frustrating! I think I best look up a few notes on the encounters before I barge in there unprepared, hah. You didn’t find them fun as a healer either?


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