The Hound!


I think there’s a nice drop chance with it as I’ve seen it several times in my Twitter feed, and yet we know how RNG is merciless :)

So I’m glad that I wouldn’t be running the first wing specially for this mount.

It’s very ugly, it’s a recolor from Demon Hunter class mount, and I will be riding it… never. But at least it’s +1 to my mount counter towards 300 :)


Slowly collecting transmogs from Antorus and leveling my Fire Mage which is 63 and in Zangarmarsh already :) Can’t wait to test leveling her in Broken Isles at this stage of expansion and see how catch up mechanics play off.

6 thoughts on “The Hound!

  1. It uses the same “skeleton” of the felbat, but its not the same model I think. There are some Argus mounts that look like the DH class mount felbat but without wings.

    But hey, its one more towards the goal :D
    (Those demon mounts will be good for warlocks. I wish I could get the Infernal/Abyssal mount from Mythic Guldan, but I’m not a mythic raider)

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    • Personally I’m so happy with the warlock class steed that I’ll always be riding it :)

      I wish Blizzard introduced some compact, swift and agile winged mounts like basic gryphons/wyverns. They haven’t invented anything better yet. Hippogryphs are somewhat comparable, but they are so night elven :)

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      • Yeah, I keep a smaller compact mount always on my action bar, so it doesnt block my view and so Im not one of those people who likes to hide NPCs under a whole stable of gigantic mounts.

        I’m glad to see someone positive about the warlock class mount, there are so many paladins and warlocks who hate them. I like them, they are beautiful and detailed :D

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  2. Congrats, same feeling for many Argus mounts, check them out once, then never use them, many mounts are over-sized, or too ugly, i wish to see simple new mounts, like the flying disc from Pandaria .. i love that.

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  3. Congrats on a +1! Oh, all those mounts. Just the other day I was looking through my Achievements, they collect dust, and noticed, I am 21 mounts from 200. Then I thought about it. 200 mounts. That is a huge bunch, not collection wise, but just, in general. Think about it. 200! For no reason, for me, really. How many of us use more than a selected few, I wonder :)

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    • I’m at 280+ now.

      I’m actually using many of them on different toons, and my priorities change from time to time. My hit of the year for Gnomes are different Ironforge rams.

      Also you could mark some of them as ‘favorites’, and they will be picked as your taxi mounts :) Could be an option for all those clumsy and slow drakes.

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