Trivia: Emissaries & Troll Shaman


I’ve rolled a new toon – a Troll Shaman. Blizzard totally sold them to me with the Battle for Azeroth cinematic. In fact, it was the only inspiring thing from the Horde side.  Sylvanas doesn’t count, she’s a hero character doing things that our toons can not do :)

So, I’m enjoying the class/race combination, and I’ll be slowly leveling her for pleasure sakes. Schlitzchen, my goblin shaman, would NOT be race changed, because she’s awesome – she’s like Micromantica, the gnome mage, which stays no matter what. It seems I’m ending up with two shaman toons.

Upon finishing the Echo Isles initiate questline I immediately took a flight to Orgrimmar and a zeppelin to Tirisfal Glades – I just hate Durotar and the following Barrens/Desolace.

I’ve quite forgotten how the Undead questlines are really cruel and mean. Throughout the zone they always ask you to kill some prisoner in a cage. And the worst thing is that it sinks in. When I arrived at Silverpine, I got a quest of killing 10 worgen rebels. And the very first thing I thought was “Okay, so give me the knife and lead me to their cages…” Wait, what? These worgens are not captured unarmed prisoners and just run rampant? How very strange for a Forsaken quest!

My goal today is to replay the Tirisfal, Silverpine and Hillsbrad questlines, as I’m getting ready for Battle for Azeroth. I’ve already refreshed my impressions recently about the Worgen questline and witnessed the destruction of the kingdom and death of Liam Greymane, the king’s son. Worgen alt deleted though, I’ve never liked werewolves – choosing vampires from the dichotomy :)


Considering other trivia, the way of doing emissaries only for toons which would reach paragon this day is highly engaging.

And I’m moving on with Chromie questline. I’m 11/15k towards reputation achievement, and frankly I don’t even care if I manage to complete the scenario or not. As far as I’ve deduced, your success largely depends on item procs, and that’s just random at its worst. So: reputation, and I’m done with it.

Ready for Antorus which will begin for me on December 5 – in a pair of weeks :)


7 thoughts on “Trivia: Emissaries & Troll Shaman

  1. Totally understand, the cinematic made me want to level my orc warrior more just by watching Saurfang take all those arrows and still be able to get the jump on Anduin (I have nothing against Anduin, just thought it was cool).

    His history is all over the game, and it’s amazing. He is a great warrior from the lineage of badass orc warriors (looking at you, Broxigar ^^ )

    There is some awesome mail gear for trolls, voodoo and troll themed things. Are you going Elemental or Enhancement?

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