Allied Races: What’s Your Choice?


As a lore maniac and an altoholic, allied races are a gift to me :)

I’m not sure that I’ll be playing them as I do with my main bulk, but leveling them up to transmogs would be my lull and fun project. Actually I wish they became available before Battle for Azeroth storyline goes live – could it be at least in pre-patch event?

Today I’m gonna think of class choices a bit.

Highmountain Tauren

Five classes: druid, hunter, monk, shaman and warrior.

Druid doesn’t ring a bell with Highmountain – we haven’t seen a single druid there. Besides, my druid Helu is a tauren, so this path is covered. Most probably is will be a warrior or a hunter. A male one – antlers as big as possible :)

Lightforged Draenei

Five classes: hunter, mage, paladin, warrior and priest.

Obviously I would play something light-bound, and priestess seems like my best choice here.


Seven classes: hunter, mage, monk, priest, rogue, warlock and warrior.

For Nightborne, I want my toon to be a blade dancer. I see myself either as a warrior or a rogue, sabers and all.

Void Elves

Seven classes: hunter, mage, monk, priest, rogue, warlock and warrior.

I will need to see their wings in game and in action, but I think caster is my choice here. So it’s gonna be either a warlock or a mage (fire/arcane).

Zandalari & Dark Iron Dwarves

There’s no information yet about classes. But I have that covered. The latest cinematic totally sold me troll shamans, so this is fixed. As for Dark Irons, I’m going with engineer fantasy, so the choice is gonna be easy: a hunter with a steamgun.

Will you be playing all the allied races? And what are your class choices?


24 thoughts on “Allied Races: What’s Your Choice?

  1. I will play them all, at least for the transmog sets, i want to know more about Iron Dwarves and the Zandalari, one thing i love about Zandalari is what i read in another website (i forgot which one!) that the druid traveling form for them is raptor! who needs flying when you can run like a dino?!

    So .. Zandalari: Druid.
    Iron Dwarf: warlock or hunter.
    Highmountain: warrior or hunter.
    Void Elf: mage
    Nightborne: rogue or monk.
    Lightforged: Paladin

    It seems we have more races than classes now.


  2. I think it will be quite a sight to see a tauren monk as he/she strikes enemies’ faces with his/her HOOF! Or does that windwalker AoE move where the monk spins on one leg. :)


  3. My choices will be:

    – Highmountain Resto Shaman
    – Zandalari Survival Hunter
    – Nightborne Warlock (dont know the spec yet)

    – Lightforged Prot Paladin
    – Void Elf Marksmanship Hunter
    – Dark Iron Elemental Shaman

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      • The Rivermane were my inspiration for the decision :D

        I’m really looking forward to the Highmountain race. And, as an althoholic, for those new character slots ^^


  4. I ever wanted that kind of feature in the game, to be able to play as a “root” Orc (Mag’har), a tattooed Dwarf (Wildhammer)…. That announcement (races-wise) didn’t really buy my attention, although I liked that of Moose-Taurens and I still dream of the possibility to – some day – play as a Tuskarr.


  5. I’m at a real crossroads right now because the Lightforged Draenei are exactly what I’ve imagined my Draenei Paladin is like headcanon-wise for many years now. But, I’ve grown really attached to the appearance of my Paladin and from what I’ve seen of the Lightforged Draenei, I don’t know how close I’d be able to mimic that. It’s a conundrum!

    For my alts though, it’s more clear. I definitely know I want a Lightforged Mage, but I’m waffling back and forth between a Void Elf Warrior and a Dark Iron Warrior (I’m assuming they’d be allowed to be warriors). A lot of this is also going to depend on what the customization ends up like, because I may also race change some of my existing alts into the new Allied Races as well, we’ll have to see!

    On the Horde side, I haven’t set up a solid roster yet, so that is a lot more flexible. I definitely want me some Nightborne like you wouldn’t believe (breaking my long streak of No Elves) but Highmountain Tauren are pretty rocking too! Because I have nothing set up yet, all the class choices are pretty easy-breezy.

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    • Why not making a Lighforged Paladin, but of a diferent spec? That way you keep your main draenei with its original look, and you get to make a new character on a new spec :)

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      • Legion actually made me to try and play the other specs, because no lore addict like myself would miss a chance to see the artifacts story :)

        Legion is the first expansion where I’m actually healing, and in raid environment – being one of my most enjoyable roles today.

        Don’t tell me about Artifact Power grind – I was at 28 artifact level on my main weapon after 3 months of expansion, and with proper amount of knowledge, I got 24 for off-spec in a DAY. It’s the most spec friendly expansion by now.

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        • When 7.0 dropped, I made my first healer, and you are right it’s super fun :)

          Yeah, I had to get all the artifacts for each class I play, I love the lore behind each weapon ^^

          While I prefer to make each character for a specific spec, its understandable that some players, sometimes due to time concerns, prefer to switch when needed. What healing spec do you find most fun so far?


      • Shaman, Holy Priest and Monk. I like the ‘clever’ mass heals these classes have.
        Priest is iconic, and Holy is my only raid choice within the class specs.
        For Shaman, I love both Restoration and Elemental for raids equally.
        For Monk, it’s one of the my favorite tanking/healing classes. DPS is quite nice too, but I found it less fun in raids recently. I tend to level and do world quests as Brewmaster, and raid as Mistweaver or Brewmaster.

        Paladin is too complex to my liking. I like the other two specs though, my favorite tank, and boring but decent DPS.

        I can and I do run raids with Restoration Druid due to smaller queues, but I’d definitely prefer Balance of all four.

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        • Thank you for that great insight on the different specs :)

          I’m saving Resto shaman for my Highmountain, but its hard as Im super curious to play with it. I am yet to try Resto Druid, I dont know if I’ll enjoy the HoT playstyle, but I will try it one day.

          If I may ask just one more question (Im really sorry if Im asking too many things), was Holy Priest hard to level in Legion? Mine is still at 101, as Im afraid it is too squishy and die often


      • I found it hard to level in Shadow – also dying often and running with half of healthbar. Level as Discipline, no question.

        You have three attack buttons: a casted main spell, an insta-cast DoT, and a powerful nuke which normally takes off the most of the mob’s health. The main trick is: if you put a shield or a weak HoT on yourself, ALL your damage spells will heal you at the same time they’re nuking an enemy! So, you basically cannot die. In Discipline I can even solo rares on Argus. Just renew shield and HoT when it expries, and there will be no trouble.

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        • I see… My disc priest is only 60, but I understand that. My 101 priest is Holy, and the damage is not very good so far. I really want to level him, but don’t want to feel squishy like I did while putting him through Draenor xD

          I may really change to Disc if I run into too much trouble, thanks!


  6. My default choice for a character of a new race is Mage, because I enjoy the fantasy of being a wizard and, ever since Cataclysm, almost every race has them — Tauren are the only race that can’t be Mages.
    Of course, since Cataclysm, every race has had Warriors and almost every race has had Hunters — and now with Legion, every race has Hunters. So I could choose one of those classes as my default instead.. but I like Mages.

    But if I wasn’t a Mage, I think I’d go Warrior or Hunter for the Dark Iron Dwarf, Druid or Shaman for the Zandalari Troll, and Priest or Paladin for the Lightforged Draenei. The Elves, though, would still be Mages.

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