Demon Grind & Chromie Scenario

I’ve started with my list yesterday.

There’s this achievement, Commander of Argus. It requires kills of every single rare mob on Argus. Almost all the rares have their corresponding world quest. But one.

Rezira the Seer is a floating cyclops blob which requires a portal to get high up there.

To get the portal device, you need to tap an eye pillar at one of the few points in Antoran Wastes and get a specific buff. The buff will immediately takes off 90% of your health (so try it in full health only). After that, you get an eredar appearance, a debuff which increases the incoming damage, and a possibility to farm demon eyes. Oh yes, and you’ll become hostile to the Army of Light.

The best place to farm demon eyes is just to the south of Spirit Crucible. There’s some mining operation in progress, so feel free to run and kill every demon you come across there. Two types: the hoarding ‘goblins’ (Trinkets! Give them to me!) and eredar casters, all very easy to kill. These demons may drop from 1 to 5 eyes each, or they may drop none.

In normal circumstances it’s a 100-120 eyes drop in an hour – it’s the time of the buff. But yesterday there was a world quest running there, so the demon respawn was mad. I got the lacking 260+ eyes in an hour and ten minutes!

And I got the portal to Rezira. It has only a 10-minute cooldown, and everyone can use it once opened. You don’t have to be in a group.

I’ve asked in guild chat if there were any people who wanted to kill the mob, and we actually went to the portal with a solid ‘dungeon’ party: a tank, a healer and two dps! Not that I couldn’t pull it off alone, with devastating warfame option, but it was very fun to perform a kill properly in a guild group.

Achievement and several weapon transmogs are mine – because it was the last rare mob in my list!

Chromie Scenario

Let me say that the design is very stupid. First of all, you cannot do it without Chromie leveling, and it means grinding over and over.

Second, you are not supposed to do it in one take even if you were perfect with your class role. You simply have not enough time to do that.

What I figured out is that I must try every part of the scenario until I have Chromie leveled and there will be only bosses left to kill.

The third stupid thing is that it’s freaking unfair considering classes. While Micromantica the mage suffered a lot and got herself killed in a blink by bosses, Baisa the hunter has absolutely no worries and just burns everything like a flametorch.

I will save Chromie eventually because I want to see the story and get the rep achievement, but it’s not how lore or scenarios are being designed.


6 thoughts on “Demon Grind & Chromie Scenario

  1. Deaths of Chromie is a scenario where you get gradually better starting conditions, the same as Withered Army Training. This is to prolong playing time.

    You may have noticed that this kind of progression is prevalent in WoW: in raids, you get better by learning encounters and getting gear.


    • I don’t like this design, and I didn’t like Withered training either.

      In raids there is an entry ilvl requirement (at least with LFR). Even if every person is at the lowest ilvl, barely enough to enter, they still can beat the boss.

      A huge difference with Chromie: you can’t beat the scenario even if you were the best player ever. You’re just doomed to fail and fail.


      • In the raid (in LFR more than ever), if you have bad gear or cannot perform your role well, you’re *carried* by N other people. You do not “beat” the boss, they beat it for you. In solo scenarios, you’re left to cope with your own bad play. Witherd Army and Mage Tower challenge are made easier by gear, Chromie is gear-normalized.

        You may also know that there is so-called “world-first race” in each raid tier, and the world-first kill of final Mythic boss is not achieved in the first week. This means that the best raiders of the world also *have no chance* to beat that boss the first time thay see it. They are “doomed to fail and fail”.

        So, the moral is that WoW has too few content to allow you to complete it first-try, and it forces you to fail repetedly to prolong your play time and take more of your money.


  2. I’m glad you are checking things off your list with success :)

    Yeah, the Chromie scenario seems unbalanced. Princess of the Mists’ did it with her shaman and managed to kill a couple of bosses before dying, and my hunter got destroyed in seconds on the first one. And my ilevel was slightly higher.

    And allow me to share some news with you: thanks to your advice in the other post, I did my list, organised by time and did what I felt like doing while having fun. And I FINALLY got the Sulfuras 2-handed mace for transmog :D

    Thank you again!

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