Grinding Lull


Warframe deployed!

In the morning I’ve scraped cash throughout my eight Alliance toons, and we’ve bought ourselves the warframe mount. Yay!

I’m not sure I’ll be riding this. It looks very bulky, and besides it would feel devoid of power without all the mighty cannons. Anyways, I’m done here.

Alliance toons are left with 5-10k on them, just enough for repairs and transmog. This means that Argussian Reach talbuks are the responsibility of my Horde toons – which require Exalted.

So, the great farm begins. Here’s my to-do list:


  • 5-7k to Army of Light Exalted and 8-12k to Argussian Reach Exalted on alts
  • Fishing Artifact, Margoss rep and fishermen rep – are all to go.
  • All Archaeology pristines for Legion, and I have only 100/250 Legion digging sites until achievement
  • 2,900 demons on Argus to kill for character title
  • 17,000 Underbelly eyes to farm until rat mount
  • Chromie scenario to be finished at least on one toon. On my way there with hunter toon Baisa
  • Catch all Legion pets achievement and doing pet dungeons
  • Argus mount drops from Argus rares
  • 8600/10000 world quests done till achievement – 1400 to go
  • Farming class quest for rogue Hexen – stealing from mobs in Suramar
  • Farming class artifact weapon quest for Faerella – 11 more skulls from danger rares for hidden appearance (it procced yesterday quite unexpected)
  • Farming 250+ demon eyes to get the portal and kill the last rare for achievement – 3 sessions 1 hour each

Vanilla – Draenor

  • 4,000 Saberon claws to farm in Tanaan for achievement
  • Garrison invasions to do for achievements
  • Hunt for transmog in older raids
  • Hunt for mounts in older raids
  • Hunt for pets in Wrath & Cataclysm raids

So, the list is dark and full of terrors. I’m not gonna be idle :) But doesn’t it look like… work to you?


7 thoughts on “Grinding Lull

  1. That is one mighty looking mount, congrats on getting it :D

    Sounds like you’ll be busy hehe

    Two questions, if you dont mind me asking: do you find that making such a list helps with accomplishing those goals? And what is your criteria for prioritising them (do you do whatever you prefer at that moment, do you plan according to location and route, etc)

    I’m asking because there are a few goals I wanted to achieve myself, and I feel I’m not organising and prioritising them the right way

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    • 1. The key thing is having fun :) Try to do what you feel like doing at the moment.
      2. Check your gaming time. For example, I had 40 minutes in the morning, and I quickly checked the pvp raids in Tol Barad and Northrend for missing tier transmog items. But this time was clearly not enough to farm demon eyes in Argus, because potion lasts 1 hour, and I didn’t want to waste it.
      3. Any organising helps of course, but mostly it serves not to forget the minor things. Like I always know about hunting for transmog achievements weekly, but I could forget about garrison invasions or farming class-specific quests.

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      • Thank you for the reply! :)

        Agree 100%. Fun is essencial in WoW ^^

        I’ll try to do that. Making a list, and focusing on what I have time and feel like . Maybe setting smalls goals at first, like “running Firelands with 3 characters”

        I’ll let you know how it turns out ;)

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  2. Looks like a lot to do but, really, a lot of finishing up. Like being done with a book and putting it on the shelf, that sense of “done” can feel pretty good.
    Sometimes I deliberately leave something undone, knowing that I’ll always have something to come back to do. Having said that, I do have the saberon claws achieve …

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