Reputation Paradigm Changed



Yesterday I decided that my paragon reputation assigned teams are no more.

Previously, and for half a year by now, my 12 toons were divided into 3 groups. Every group was assigned 2 factions.

For example, Micromantica, Aurinko, Bons and Paitsu are assigned to Valar’jar and Highmountain. This means that when VJ or HM emissary arrives, these four toons are doing their batch of 4 quests, buff their reputation – and well, are thus responsible for getting a paragon mount. This also means that whichever other toon gets a VJ or HM token from missions, they send these tokens to one of these 4 toons.

This scheme is no more.

These are the reasons of why it grew old.

  1. The changes in mission rewards. Reputation tokens are raining in dozens today, so you don’t have to fish them out one in a week. A very, very significant buff to reputation income.
  2. The changes in emissary rotations. Now every week we have obligatory four emissaries: Argussian Reach, Army of Light, Kirin Tor and Legionfall. The other three slots are shared between the rest of the factions, but I believe that Suramar’s Nightfallen could be the one I meet too often, so it may be obligatory too. That leaves us with TWO weekly emissary slots for other factions. For example, I’ve met Valar’jar only once per 1,5 months. That means that rotation is pretty ruined anyways.
  3. I grew tired of this routine. I got the moose from Highmountain pretty fast, a pet from Legionfall’s first paragon chest and 3 toys from Wardens on different toons – and no other mount for 6 months, with 4 toons working on every paragon rep and not missing a single emissary.

So, I felt that it is time to let it go. I’ll keep heading for paragon mounts, but it should and will be a side dish. That means: rep tokens are still the most desirable item from Order Hall mission table, but they will be consumed by the very toon that gets them. No more scheming, mailing them, charting them, assigning duties and all. The same with Broken Isles factions emissaries: I’m running an emissary quest if I feel like doing so, and on random toon now. The one that would feel like doing it.

Dobby is a free elf! :)


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