RNG Wardrobe Shower


Yeah, so yesterday I had this old raid run for the mogging achievements on my mage.

Hooray, I was glad to get the lacking shoulders and belt from Mogu’Shan Vaults and Terrace. I even thought: what are the odds that the two lacking pieces drop?

Then I went to other raids: Tempest Keep, Karazhan, Ahn’Qiraj, Black Temple, Molten Core, Firelands…

I stopped smiling at the third one. I have finished SEVEN mogging sets and achievements yesterday. The lacking pieces just dropped raid after raid. See my achievement streak from twitter, all dropping within one hour:


Whew. The line broke at Argent Tournament and I went to bed. That was awesome :) And I even didn’t realise yet that I don’t have to go to these raids anymore :)

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