The Next Expansion After Legion – Expectations

So, Blizzcon is almost here, and by all means we will get insights about the new World of Warcraft expansion. Let’s discuss our expectations about it :)



First and foremost, it’s most likely gonna be a sea expansion focused largely on Alliance/Horde clash – and with an ultimate enemy of N’Zoth/Void.

The clues are these:

  1. Jaina holds a super grudge against the Horde – and she was not idle, most probably returning to Kul Tiras kingdom and rallying the forces. Boom – here’s your Alliance faction and base of operations. Jaina’s always there, she’s not idle, she’ll play a significant role.
  2. The Horde has a mad, conquerous warchief now, who’s ready for anything to win herself some space. She’s most likely to make allies with Zandalari – after all, trolls don’t have a leader now, so this thread may be explored. Zandalar islands is the Horde’s base of operations.
  3. Anduin stopped whining, and took his father’s sword. His peaceful times are over, yet Legion was not his fight. What’s he preparing himself for, believing that the Horde abandoned Varian to death?
  4. We also have Genn Greymane who would rip the Horde’s throats as soon as he has a chance, and now he’s a father figure to Anduin.
  5. See the Blizzcon presents for virtual ticket: it’s Alliance/Horde air battleship mounts. Isn’t that a hint for ?
  6. Vindicaar vessel’s travel technology happens in space… but don’t you think it will perfectly fit the isles and traveling between them? Don’t you think we just need a different map – a sea map, and we’re good? So, Vindicaar is a preview of your new garrison – your admiral ship. Which could be leveled and geared I guess.
  7. Blizzard couldn’t help and throw in the Void forces even at Legion’s home planet. If we go to the seas, it’s gonna be N’Zoth in the end – because whenever else?

All in all it looks very much like Pandaria expansion, with brutal clashes between factions and an ultimate common enemy in the end.

Race Focus

Legion in whole was exploring four races in vast scales.

We’ve got overfed with vrykul – more than they actually deserve. We’ve got a look at a rich community of moose Tauren tribes at Highmountain.

Then there were elves, elves and elves of every kind possible: warden elves, demon hunter elves, ghost elves, corrupted ghost elves and corrupted Nightmare elves, druid elves, rebel elves and nazi elves – and there was also elves we brought with us who also got a spot in the highlight. The amount of elves and elf stories was really diverse and would be enough to please even the most demanding elf fan. And in Argus we plunged deep in draenei history.

What I would like of the next expansion is obviously returning back to the roots.

So, for the Alliance, I definitely need human (Anduin and Jaina) centered story. Alliance must also rely heavily on dwarf and gnome technology of ship/submarine building – in fact, all the process of construction, exploration and all should be supervised by Dun Morogh guys. Gnomes and dwarves got their spotlight in… WotLK last time. You know, their titan origins. They deserve much attention – finally.

For the Horde, I could think of Goblins working hard to match the Alliance tinkering. And of course the Undead – as Sylvanas was forgotten for good since the first week in Broken Isles. Now she would return. If Zandalar would become Horde’s allies and base of operations, we must expect heavy troll lore – as far as we know, trolls have not selected their chief after Vol’jin’s demise. It’s Zul-Again, yes, but trolls are always interesting.


My expectations are:

  • Setting: Azeroth’s unexplored islands in the seas
  • Garrison: Battleship, with Vindicaar’s travel-type between the isles
  • Storyline: Alliance/Horde clash over the seas and islands
  • Ultimate enemy: the Old Gods
  • Climax: N’Zoth raid
  • New factions: Kul Tiras (Alliance) / Zandalari (Horde)
  • Major lore characters: Anduin Wrynn, Jaina Proudmoore, Sylvanas Windrunner, Genn Greymane, Gallywix, Gelbin Mekkatorque – for the clash. Alleria Windrunner, Magni Bronzebeard – for the Old Gods climax.

For me it would be the best expansion ever. Gnome/Dwarf/Goblin tinkering, discovering and exploring the new lands – beautiful lands and seashores, back to Azeroth from some other planets, and focus on Jaina – my favorite character.

What are your thoughts? :)



6 thoughts on “The Next Expansion After Legion – Expectations

  1. Poor Anduin, i honestly like him .. anyway, much of what you said makes sense, but if the leaks to be believed, Jaina will ask help from both Alliance and the Horde in Kul Tiras, so we’ll see what will happen.

    Blizzard feel the need to make a story for PVP, they don’t have to, they can just focus on good PVP content and no need for lore to justify fighting, the lore right now is “we should unite, but first we should kill each other to explain why we PVP also” since MoP.

    Two things i care most about, one is the void, the expansion should be all about it, about the old gods and their minions, remember C’thun and Yogg-saron are not really dead, they can come back in different forms, and right now in Argus we fight the void in Mac’aree.

    The other thing is variety show! if this expansion is about islands in Azeroth then there is a chance to make different kind of zones, i want at least one desert zone, one underwater zone but it should not be long like Vashj’ir, and many troll zones, including jungle islands.

    Also i want Pirates, i want to see Plunder Isle with Bloodsail Hold.

    I’m not asking for much … right? :-)

    P.S: looking forward for Flying vs No Flying, 2018 edition.

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  2. LOL, you said “What I would like of the next expansion is obviously returning back to the roots.” and I thought, if he says ‘more orcs’ my mind will implode.

    I would love to see more gnome development, obviously. We did get some in Wrath, but It always felt like an aside with the main feature being the scourge. If we do get more gnome lore, I hope that it is separate from dwarves. Dwarves have stand alone stories and history that are just about them. Everything about gnomes is about dwarves, and then gnomes are treated as a tag along.


    • LOL, I think we had enough orcs for a long-long time :) They surely need a rest.

      As for gnome/goblin content, I would definitely like them to supervise the construction of our battleship/garrison and guide us. I definitely want a gnome/goblin centered location – exploring, finding gear, whatever. And I don’t even mind them being a comic relief – but everyone remembers Parvink in Tanaan camp, she was a badass comic relief. Need more characters like that.

      Brann and Magni will likely get much attention as we may go into the depths of the seas and need to talk to Azeroth.

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      • Well, Goblins and Gnomes share this super practical, experimental approach to things. Also the thing that they could easily boss you around before you even know it :)

        And yet Goblins have this darker, selfish vibe – which I like very much. I’m playing three Goblin toons. They’re not exactly all about cash, even the rogue one. Yet my Goblins’ loyalty ends exactly at working for the benefit of their own people. They’re friendly with any Horde member, but they won’t go dying for them or craving Alliance blood. They’re likely to find more common themes to talk over with humans or gnomes, than, say, blood elves. Quick and sharp mind, easy-going, nothing too religious or pompous – that’s what my Goblins value in communication.

        On the other hand, my Gnomes are very cheerful (like every Gnome), but they’re more likely to proudly wear a lion head’s tabard (or at least a lion trinket) along with the cog/wrench banners. They love their homeland, they love the snows of Dun Morogh, and it’s important for them to know that they could always return home, drink at Ironforge and take a tram to Stormwind for a day off. They will more likely feel for troubles of NE and Draenei, creatures so spiritual that makes them yawn. World explorer and lore enthusiast mage, practical battle medic priest, undead princess, Loch Modan trapper (she walks with a bear), utter otaku and dumpling lover martial arts adept, and good hearted, dual wielding protector of the villages – that’s my Gnomes :)

        And that’s my roleplay :)


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