First Day on Argus

I got some proper Argus exploring yesterday, so here’s my report.

I’ve led three toons through the initiate questlines: mage, priest and druid. The new terrain was so freaking unfair to mage. As a cloth toon, I’m getting it all – and I don’t have a private tank like warlocks or self-heals like priests. I have to eat after mob fights, and eat constantly – my shields don’t help much. My ilvl is not so bad for questing, 897 or so (mind you – she has the highest ilvl among my toons), and yet it’s cemetery runs – I think I had ten.

At the same time my priest had zero issues. I went in Discipline which has only three damage spells, but those spells also heal me simultaneously. Also little trouble when running in Balance druid spec – yes, I didn’t kill the mobs from afar, they managed to reach me, but they didn’t hit my leather that hard, so I’m perfectly enduring their attacks even if it’s three or four mobs coming at me.

I’m already dreading coming with the squishiest class – shaman.

Micromantica has explored two available zones. I’m not sure I covered every spot because Argus exploration achievement is combined out of its three zones, but I seem to have been in every corner available. I did a search for a raid entrance around the map marked zone (not that I need it for LFRs), but couldn’t find it, so I put this away for later.

Argus is awesome in the ways that it really feels very dangerous, it’s not your private candyland like Timeless Isle or even Thunder island. Yet we need to check it in the long run – I mean, how tedious it might be when you need repeatable world quest running around. I engaged in multiple fights on my way to some of them. Of course it will be better as long as a I learn my paths, but I feel like I need extra 15-30 ilvl at the very least to be cool here. I’m not sure where to get gear – got a pair of belt tokens dropped from mobs (btw, account bound! So I sent the plate one to my DK). These belts are 880 which is worse than my LFR ones. Well, at least I got the new models for my wardrobe.

The storyline is logical, the only drawback being little revelations. It’s our normal shove your nose into enemy territory – set a camp – make friends with locals and solve their problems – deal with the enemy stuff. Oh yes, the draenei are so protoss now that you may call them so freely. The moment of awe was the naaru cinematic. It’s the first time throughout WoW history when I completely support Illidan and his actions. You fucking cannot do “good” to someone without asking for permission. The bitch got what it deserved, fair and square. Also I liked the depiction of naaru parts before it was rezzed – so bone-like! For the first time since BC it made me think of naaru as of living beings, not constructs or elementals, it was awesome.

Turalyon and Alleria continue to be boring as hell: elven archer bragging / paladin dumbass boring duumvirate. Blizz really needs to do something with the characters – they’re just cliche dummies now. I don’t feel any affection to either of them.

My druid Helu got several quests for her Alchemy/Herbalism and acquired new recipes: collecting an Argus herb rank 1 and crafting a pair of new potions – not sure yet what they do, haven’t even checked in my book. No such quests for mage and priest yet (they have tailoring, enchanting, mining and engineering).

As we set a base in the raid part of Argus, I see no new story coming yet. I think my plan for now would be world quest running with Micromantica for reputation until I get tired, and also leading the others through the story, like chess pieces.

So, this is it. How was you Argus Day 1?


8 thoughts on “First Day on Argus

  1. My first day lasted less than 5 minutes. I’ll wait until they lower the density of mobs and adjust health pools etc. I am always careful solo, I died quickly, and rather than run back and waste food and flasks to quest, I took Rez sickness, paid my 181g repair bill, went back to Dalaran and logged out.


      • I’m at 910 gear, I was working my way around the one objective guarded by 4 guys at crystals. I almost had the 4th when I saw a message, when attacking the something be sure to have help. A second later one of the bigger guys we needed to kill 3 I think charged me with 3 adds in tow. It was 5 on 1. I died faster than I could get off any CC or Shadowmend. Being by yourself is not an option. If I had known I would need help I would have taken a follower at the least. It was very frustrating facing a situation similar to when I entered Suramar at 109. I don’t enjoy kill one, eat, kill one, heal up, kill one, etc. I don’t mean like Paladins or Demon Hinters charging into 5 mobs and laughing as everything dies. But I would like to, at the very least, progress from one to the next without having to spend a lot of time getting back to full health, only to see the first killed respawn. I know their reply would be maybe you should use the group finder. But that is even worse for me as 4 random people go in all directions.


      • Yeah, been there with my mage (hence some of cemetery runs). With mage, you also have to kite at some point and inevitably bump into other unintended mobs. They have to fix health pools by all means.

        Also the respawn is naturally very fast now – not to make people wait in queues in the bottleneck of just-released content quests. This will get fixed I suppose.

        Then again, it brings the feeling of danger. It’s a bit of pervert attitude, but for now I like watching my step and looking around at the Legion’s home planet :) Even these quick respawns are justified lorewise: we’re so close to their soul engines!


  2. I wonder if that thing was really a naaru. My acquaintace with A’dal left me with the impression that naaru are benevolent beings that *inspire* people to do great things.

    I think flying has relaxed everybody a lot, and now “going both ways in the snow” feels hard. I hope it will become easier with Krokul Flute.

    I strongly recommend Prydaz and (for chain users) Roots of Shaladrasil for Argus!


  3. Re: Turalyon and Alleria
    Yea I was disappointed in Turalyon. He and Alleria were gone for so long part of me wonders why people kept asking about them. We don’t have an emotional connection to them anymore.
    Watching the cinematic (even the first time) I couldn’t help but think, “Turalyon. Why are you kneeling? No one else is, not even Velen. Get up man!”
    He was awkward though the whole thing. I think he comes across as a little jealous of Illidan being ‘chosen’.

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  4. I had a grand day! Prowl really is something I am grateful for as a Druid. I dislike Prydaz too, because of the visual.

    Once Ress Sickness so far :p

    Yeah, I do miss a little more connection to the NPCs there too.

    Im still working on finding my way around all the various craters, pits and what not. Tricky business!

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