Argus: Yay or Nay?

Woo-hoo, Argus is online, and at the very least 3 hours earlier than scheduled maintenance hours. So I was able to run through some initiate quests.

Just a quick list of my first impressions.

The story was fun enough – I guess mainly because it’s new. Still need to get a full picture, but all in all it’s promising to be a good journey. So far I’ve killed annihilans and returned to the ship for a small tour and binding my hearthstone.

Turalyon/Alleria suck yet. Turalyon is your common “I’m a paladin” thing, boring to the bone. I hope he will bloom in further quests, or else. Alleria… I’m just not a fan of elves or undead elves (her sis), so I’m not a fanboy just for the fact of her presence. And it’s hard to tell anything about the character out of two lines yet. Both provided some boring drama about their son, it was not bad, but it didn’t bring any emotions either. Because, hey, like I’ve written before: first grow a character to let us feel for it, then tell us about character’s drama. Otherwise we don’t care.

I’m positively surprised how fighting demons doesn’t feel secondhand – which I was afraid of most. I guess I’ll be fine on Argus. And it’s not because it’s new. Compared to Broken Shore: I was bored from the shore location in the first day.

I’m happy with the portal system – so far it’s just one portal opened, yet it’s totally comprehensible and cool. And the Argus map is also nice.

Cherry on the cake: new spell animations! I’ve recorded a gif video for my twitter – see it here at the link. Frostbolt is finally not more of a water jet, but a proper powered icicle. And the casting animations for different spells are different now.

So far it’s been just Frost Mage I checked – I can’t wait to see other casters, specifically my warlock and elemental shaman goblins. Who am I kidding, every caster class and spec!

I got new cloth drops from demons – something for tailoring I guess.

I haven’t got a plan yet, I will just follow the flow. I don’t have any specific goals – by now I want to explore the new area, see the new questlines, and open world quests to work on reputations with Micromantica. Then I would slowly drag the other toons there.

In general the planet’s fine yet. More to see and explore.

See you on Argus :)


2 thoughts on “Argus: Yay or Nay?

  1. Yeah, I’m trying to find the upgrade to our bird whistle to tunnels us back to the portals — right now I use my hearthstone and go the long way around to get to the turn in.

    I’m enjoying myself so far too!


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