Patch 7.3.: Are You Prepared?


Picture being courtesy of brilliant Kageyama Satsuki, are you prepared for the patch?

I’m finding myself at a big clearing up nowadays, closing the loose ends.

Artifact Weapons


This is where I will draw the line in grinding artifact power: 52 traits. As you see, I’ve almost completed my goal of driving all the weapons to 52. Anibell, Baisa and Aurinko will likely close their part within a week, and you have to excuse Helu who had four druid weapons to level.

With the new artifact relic system, I will not care about leveling or checking the weapons anymore. Upon reaching 52, I’m just deleting this expansion-wide table of weapons from my list. I’ll be just playing the specs that I like and invest in them – with no particular goal of reaching some point. I’ve had enough of AP grind. I may even skip the AP missions at missions table.

Still, Legion did a very good thing making me play all the specs. It’s awesome that I could switch to any spec now and be confident there. Even the most shunned specs: I’ve led my hunter Baisa through Magni quest and later world quests in Beast Mastery, I tanked Kil’Jaeden in Blood with Mindebad, and now I like questing in Discipline as it’s the Light shooting spec and at the same time quite powerful DPSing with ultimate built-in self-heals.

I’m implying to heal the Antorus raid at least on my priest, shaman and monk – these are the most enjoyable specs for healing. Oh my, who could have thought of that a year ago when I hated healing! I still do though with paladin and druid :)

So, thanks, the expansion, for leading me through all the 36 paths :)



This is the table I need to complete for full class mogging sets from Tomb of Sargeras. Bosses are listed which are to be killed by specific toons – and it has to be the exact class to drop. Well, except Har’jatan’s boots for Melaris which could be acquired by any leather class.

The worst thing is that some pieces come off trash, and trash only. So you’re basically bound to run and run the raid hoping for the best, and not even having a chance to toss a coin for the needed drop. That’s not nice. So far I had a single trash drop: a belt for the priest set.

I think that after I acquire the last pieces off bosses I’m gonna call it a day. It’s a task of solo raid running, not the tedious LFR runs throughout the whole raid on all toons with a minuscule chance of drop.

So yes, during the first weeks of the patch I’m still gonna be covering the mogging slots from the Tomb.

Many Little Things

Not enough urge yet to grind Margoss reputation or Underbelly eyes, it’s yet a thing for the end of the expansion.

Still doing the daily world quests for paragon chests – four toons per day. Still need Valarjar, Dreamweavers, Farondis and Nightfallen mounts. I think it’s expansion-wide project, but frankly I’m sick of it. Should have gotten them all by now, after half a year.

Heading for “invest 50 times in every building in Broken Shore” achievements. Micromantica just launches missions for Legionfall resources and unloads them from time to time. So far it’s 28-41-10. No world quests to speed it up, but maybe I could do that by the end of expansion to close the loose ends.

Old raid mogging runs are a thing lately with me – at least I need the achievements, the rest of the toons may suffice with the most wanted chests, legs, hands and shoulders. I’ve collected 2 sets from Throne of Thunder on weekend (mage, and – as a collateral damage – priest). Performed a full run on every raid possible except Dragon Soul (because the last piece comes from Baradin) and Siege of Orgrimmar (the mere thought about the first boss solo makes me sleepy). Many pieces acquired, and I’m actually very close to covering lots of set achievements.

Speaking of mogging, I’m also spending my instant world quest completion options (like mage, death knight, paladin, warlock, and demon hunter have) for specific PvP WQ if the reward is PvP tokens – I spend them for old PvP sets. Fat chance I’m doing any PvP on my own, so it’s the only way :)

I’m good with main professions on all toons – except Melaris’ mining and herbalism and Aurinko’s mining. I will level them and also cooking and first aid via Darkmoon Faire, so I’ll be there by the end of expansion.

In conclusion: 

I’m far from done with the expansion, but mostly I’m having expansion-wide projects now.  I wish I had one more week for yet one more try with mogging in Tomb and completing my weapons, but nevertheless, I’m ready.

Bring it on! We have an epic story to explore ^_^


4 thoughts on “Patch 7.3.: Are You Prepared?

  1. Just for your information, Netherlight Crucible requires high artifact power levels to unlock relic powers. To unlock tier 3 powers for 3rd relic, you’ll need level 75. This is, of course, alleviated by 10 additional levels of artifact knowledge.

    First boss of the siege is not that bad for ranged classes. With melees, you will see enrage (tank specs will survive it with no problem though).


    • I’m perfectly aware Blizzard has something new in their sleeve to dump Artifact Power. The fact is (like I wrote): I don’t care and don’t see it as something I need to track now – just got tired of paying attention to artifacts. All the upgrades will come naturally.

      I know, I killed it in mage, in priest and in prot pally. It’s just soooo tedious :)


  2. I see no rush or need to do the Netherlight Crucible unless you are pushing your max in raids or dungeons, in fact I don’t think the spells offered are very powerful.
    But, what are your plans for Argus? It seems that you are scheduled to finish many projects but there must be something that you are pointing to on Argus (along with the grand adventure!).


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