Different Things

Have you thought I’ll be writing this post about Kil’Jaeden?… No!

Well, I’ll be writing about Kil’Jaeden tomorrow because I’m eager to step in the fourth wing tonight.

I’m actually having many important things these days going on in my life, and if you want a small insight, you’re welcome to read on, otherwise the post is not about WoW, but rather IRL stuff which occupies my mind.

First thing first, me and my wife, both being 34 years old, 7 years together and 2 of these years married, have finally made a decision to have our own (not rented) place. We’re having all our minds busy with choosing a flat and acquiring a bank loan throughout all the past month, and now it seems to finally come to an end. If the bank would affirm our chosen place, we’re likely to move in the new place within a pair of months. It’s kinda a big thing, and an important one – the other day all my thoughts are occupied with all the real estate business. I really hate all these law and financial things, I really do :) But it appeared to be a new and interesting experience. Yet I’m looking forward when the place would be ours, and I would forget about it.

Second, my band – which is a huge part of my life – has released a new single today. That would be our 9th release so far.

For those who missed the “About” section of my blog: the band is not what I do for a living, it’s a hobby, but the band is what I am. I’m one of the main composers, I come up with concepts and ideas, I write all the lyrics, and it’s basically a big part of my life, filled with studios, rehearsals, composing, gigs and festivals.

The concept in whole tells scary stories (pretty dark, even if humor is involved) about a nordic village populated by magical creatures (witches, dwarfs, elemental imps, swamp monsters etc.) who play very dirty tricks and destroy human villages and cities. Every album is conceptual and tells about new type of creatures.

On the next album it’s gonna be chthonic monstrous beasts, which sleep for centuries, and now a matriarch of the village, Mother of All Witches, climbs a mountain to perform a shamanic ritual and awake them. That’s the single’s story, and the music is epic folk metal, to my perception it happened to be quite beautiful and atmospheric this time.

So, you’re welcome to check the single out if you want an insight of what I do apart from WoW :) Stream listening and free downloading is available at the link:




4 thoughts on “Different Things

    • Metalheads are known to classify subgenres to ridiculous extents :) “Epic folk metal” actually is a decent example.

      Basically you need to tag the band or the release with extreme precision, other ways people don’t find what they expected, and then it’s the band to blame and be bad :) It’s a good thing though, speaking much of bands’ diversity, style blends and creativity within a wider “metal” genre.


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