Class Mount Tints and Perks


As I’ve already got Concordance on most of my artifact weapons, I’ve decided to scrap the missing tint options or other bonuses. Here’s the list:

Warrior, Shaman, Priest – get no bonuses and they have tints for every spec from the very beginning.

Druids have neither bonuses nor tints.

Demon Hunter gets a Pepe toy which looks like a demon hunter on your head. Obtained from the mission table room nearby quartermasters. No tints for their felbat.

Monk gets a cub of their class mount – essentially a pet. Obtained from a Pandaren lady inside a hut, left and down the slope from the mission table. No tints for Ban Lu mount – because it’s more of a person and it’s unique.

Death Knight has all tints since the beginning, but they get three dragon pets, recolored due to specs. Need Concordance on the weapon for the matching pet (ice blue, plague green and blood red). Sold by a ghoul in the “ice” section of the lower Order Hall room.

Hunter gets two more mount tints for Survival and Marksmanship upon reaching Concordance, and once you’re at 52 with Beast Mastery, you can obtain a tome which lets your to tame hippogryphs, gryphons and birdies alike. Sold by Stable Master in Order Hall.

Mage gets all mount tints at once, but they can buy a toy which lets a summoned pet fly by you on a disc. When you enter your order hall, rise one flight of stairs straight ahead and there will be this troll vendor.

Rogues get three more tints for every weapon – making it four class mounts in whole. Obtained from a Gnome vendor in the meeting room – he lurks behind the table where the class leaders sit. Need Concordance for every tint.

Paladins also get three more tints for every weapon’s Concordance. Obtained from a Dwarf vendor which stands to the left by the mission table.

Finally, Warlocks have two more tints. The first tint is purchased from Calydus in your order hall, and for the second one (see post picture) you need to kill and loot Lord Hel’nurath – a nathrezim rare – in Broken Shore. Just check for the green skull on the map near your major Broken Shore camp. No Concordance required on weapons to get them.

Every next tint, pet or toy will cost you 1000 order hall resources.

I’ve got almost every bonus and tint yesterday, stalled only by lacking Concordance at few weapons, so it’s easy.


4 thoughts on “Class Mount Tints and Perks

  1. What differences there is between all the classes! I guess having so many characters sure boost ones mount collection, hah :) Is every mount tint classified as a “mount” in the journal?


    • Yes, a separate mount of course. And no, it doesn’t boost the collection :) Achievements count only for mounts that current character can use – they don’t add up. For example, an extra paladin mount from Argent Tournament does not count for mage mount achievement etc. The same with class mounts.

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