Trivia: Many Little Things

This week is dedicated to world quests, and, of course, raid runs.

Loot drop is just excellent, I got many slots covered. I already do skip some bosses on several toons, so I’ll come to Kil’Jaeden farming very specific pieces.

By now only Mindebad out of twelve didn’t run the three wings, which I’m doing tonight.

People managed to figure out the Avatar encounter, so it’s just a pleasure to see how tanks valiantly drive it to the puddle, which leaves us 6 cycles of platform crushing. Perfectly enough to kill it.

The raid runs enter the worst phase now: people are becoming geared, but instead of making the fights easier, they become harder. People start to skip certain mechanics, even major ones. Combined with failures from a certain number of inexperienced players incl. tanks, it leads to wipes even at bosses like Demonic Inquisition or Har’jatan.

The amount of beggars grew significantly. People whisper me for my loot, and tend to burst into insults if I don’t give it. I never give it to whispering guys – only after a fair roll in raid chat.

Myself won a roll for rogue shoulders which came from Avatar. After I was already out, the other rogue whispered me an insult like “why the fuck am I rolling if I have a legendary in the slot”. If he were polite, he would deserve an explanation that it was the only slot I missed for mogging achievement which I got. Because I never ever loot the things that I don’t need, and I always share my own loot if mogging slot is fine, and it’s not an improvement. Since he was an asshole, I whispered him back that I don’t talk to people when they start off in this manner, and wished him a good day. Got another insult, reported him, and that’s the end of the story.

It’s a miserable streak for rep mounts – nothing new to report. Still, I’m doing world quests like crazy because I need this 5k resources bonus on my toons.

I’m starting to hit 52 on every weapon. Melaris was obviously the first, as she got only 2 demon hunter artifacts, then comes Micromantica – all three mage weapons are now fine with her. The others are breathing in their necks, with their third weapons at 48-51. I’m doing very good.

I thought that I would just drop the table and stop worrying about them weapon traits after I reach this goal. All the AP tokens that come naturally would be spent on any current weapon without troubles and calculating. I see the end of the grind now, and my mission preferences would be pet tokens, rep tokens and gold. Can’t wait.

So, this was my week :)


4 thoughts on “Trivia: Many Little Things

  1. I think that transition is worth talking about. You can see the shift in raid personality and it isn’t always pretty. For me, skipping the mechanics because “its LFR lol” drives me crazy; it is like not putting syrup on pancakes.
    I feel the transition in pug raiding normal too, but it is slower. Wipe Forgiveness is ramping down and more puggers are joining for a single boss hoping for a single piece (which is totally fine) rather than players looking for a fun run on a fine evening.


    • Alas, I’ve been sending reports like a reporting machine this weekend :)

      What amazes me most is how people tend to go down the hill with insults very quickly. First you see a neutral comment, and in a minute it’s “your mom” insults all over the chat. In Russia the most popular “your mom’ equivalent are age jokes – hints that your opponent is a school boy/girl (asking the guy about summer vacations, homework etc).

      I’m not moved too deeply with any of them insults. Besides, it’s guild reputation at stake when you talk shit. So I prefer to destroy an opponent with clever comments and in decency borders. Then you just don’t have to do anything special, the insulting guy just digs his own grave and makes a fool of himself in fron of everyone :)

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  2. Pet tokens are super easy to collect these days. All you have to do is to buy a shoulder enchantment at the pet store in Dalaran (200g, no reputation requirements) it allows you to gather bags of pet goods from the mobs. Unlike other silimar enchantments, this one seems to proс more frequently (sometimes twice from a single mob pack). I spent my hard-earned 1500 pet charms at the beginning of expancion for new pets & toys and I already have 2000+ without farming any pet dailies whatsoever.


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