Cheating on WoW

This is fun topic :)

I’m never giving up on WoW, and since today I’m rushing into raids again. I’m doing World Quests and all.

But like I said, I had two spare evenings before the next cooldown, and my wife went to bed early, so I couldn’t watch series and movies that we are supposed to watch together. This left me with trying something new in my late hours :)

Wildstar Online. It’s a perfect cosmo opera for me, as it has this eclectic cartoonish animation, it’s bizarre, has very fun playable races, limitless fantasy for providing fauna and flora and in all contains gazillions of humor. It’s WoW meets Firefly meets Star Trek.

Two factions: Dominion and Exiles. Dominion are a pompous empire (think victorian England), Exiles are space cowboys (think Firefly). Both have a playable human race, but there are also drunkard rock giants, thin local “elves” (with furry ears and tails), bestial draken, metal robot race, and murderous rodents (think mad scientists).

Naturally I’m playing Aurin (“elves”) – for Exiles, and Chua (rodents) – for Dominion. Not my toons here, but just to get the general impression.

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The world is enormous. The terrains are inventive and diverse, flora and fauna are beyond any limits of imagination. I can’t help but notice the big work which was done on the lore – the information is just overwhelming, there’s so much to learn and explore. Many dialogues are voiced, and the soundtrack seems to never repeat itself: in 2 minutes walk radius you could hear 10 different tunes, all of them are awesome.

For classes, we have casters, melee fighters – despite the space opera setting – and gunfighters, naturally. My Chua is an engineer which means a robot minion and a big fucking gun to deliver grief. My Aurin is a spellslinger – it means gun-fu with a pair of pistols.

I’m yet at my starting steps, and I’m just having fun exploring and doing quests. It’s a pleasure being in this world :)

In conclusion, here’s a cinematic from the game. Pretty much delivers the vibe.

5 thoughts on “Cheating on WoW

  1. Hah, the topic of this post threw me off :P I never really had the time to check out other games; What a mixture of things in one game!


  2. Traitor … but i’m with you here, i play Secret World Legends :-D

    Wildstar looks fun to play, colorful, i have to give it another chance, the game is overwhelming with all the details i have to pay attention to.

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    • I played at open beta before, and I just struggled with connection, lag ussues and all – my gaming laptop is modern enough, but toons moved frame by frame. Now it’s release version, and everything works perfect, so I’m finally able to check out the game properly.

      I agree that there is MOUNTAINS of information to digest even if yo’re experienced in mmorpg.

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  3. I thought all CIS players were banned and it is impossible to create an account and play it if you are from Russia or CIS (even with VPN)… I am confused.


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