Lull Marching On

Yes, despite the new raid rolling on, it’s a lull.

By Sunday I’ve led all my toons through the first two wings of Tomb of Sargeras, carrying out sacks of loot. Several transmog slots were closed, although many items were rings and relics and necks. I think that I’m on the top of the wave now, as very few items will be left to obtain by the opening of the next wing. And if Argus drops on us in September (3 weeks after Kil’Jaeden in LFR), for the first time in the expansion I will be there ready, with my transmog quest almost done.

I have these spare three evenings before cooldown now. I’ve spent a big lot of yesterday session doing the last treasure achievement (in Highmountain), did the Sentinax beacon achievement (Aurinko caught Sentinax at its final location in naga shore), ran Naxxramas for paladin transmog with Anibell. As long as yesterday was Wardens and today Highmountain emissaries, which I don’t need, I just don’t have anything to do for these two evenings. Finally… fishing?

Tomb of Sargeras runs were smooth and fun. Only once there was a wipe situation, and we struggled with The Desolate Host three times. Like I always say, there’s never an LFR group which doesn’t manage to slay a boss in LFR. We always do.

I’m queuing my tanking and healing classes in both (or three) roles, and naturally I’m taken as a tank or a healer most of the times. It’s fun, although a bit exhausting. But I’m cool with the bosses now, so I feel confident and aware of what’s happening.

Faerella reached the last weapon to upgrade: Demonology will be my go for the next cooldown. The same is awaiting Backston: my hated Beast Mastery. Helu has her Balance and Restoration weapons done at 52, so her next run in raids is cat form. And so on.

I’m gonna have all weapons at 52 by the next patch for every of my toons, I’ve no doubt. And no more artifact power worries.


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