Plate Armor Grind!


While my mail, leather and cloth armor toons are now free to insert their coins into Tomb of Sargeras ATM for extra loot, my poor plate armor Mindebad, Anibell and Bons are still grinding The Nighthold and even Emerald Nightmare for the last set slots.

This cooldown brought us some happiness. Mindebad and Anibell now only lack their class-specific capes from Trilliax, which means lazy runs through the first wing. Bons lacks a helmet which comes from Botanist boss. It’s a bummer, because the boss is the last in the wing, and the most annoying wing. It’s not a bummer, because all three plate armor toons make it six tries for helmet per week (coins involved).

So, what is left for me to cover The Nighthold transmog for every class is 2 Aqueducts runs and 3 (could be less) full Aetheneums per week. Persistence!

The good thing about Tomb of Sargeras is that you can also cover its mogging slots with other classes. Micromantica gained – and equipped – priest set shoulders, so I don’t worry about this slot for Aurinko now. Of course my mage will change it for mage shoulders if it happens to drop, but I don’t really care about set bonuses in my cozy LFR environment. My goal is mogging, and set collections. ilvl is a pleasant bonus :)

Meanwhile, I’m seriously set up for tanking. It’s been a mere pleasure yesterday and today to queue all the roles possible. Especially Anibell and Paitsu, who are perfectly capable of tanking, healing or dpsing.

While Anibell and Bons are perfect with their tanking specs, Mindebad’s Blood is an unknown field for me. Well, it was an unknown field. I blasted through the Nighthold yesterday and didn’t have a sweat. I need to, and moreover, I’m ready to test her in the current Tomb of Sargeras. which I’m gonna do.

New politics from now on: queuing every alt in every role she could perform. I’m ready and set.


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