Argus PTR: Expectations and Reality

7.3. PTR is opened, and screenshots and datamined information are all over the web.

First of all, Argus. As expected – and no one believed me – the planet is a black rock wreck with fel green puddles all over the place. Yes, it’s Legion’s forge, and it can’t look otherwise. There won’t be any well-preserved fauna and/or flora, there will be nothing except Legion-warped terrain. NOTHING.

And WTF did you expect?!

Still, the demon ranks are completely reworked – and it’s the only chance to invoke life into the old same range of imps, moarg, felguards we’ve been fighting ever since 2007. Just look at this creature:


But I really want the expansion to be over. Because Blizzard was feeding us with fel green non-stop since Tanaan Jungle patch in Draenor, and I’m really tired of it by now. We’ll be bathing in fel for at least a year since now.

Second, the means of travel. Draenei built a cool spaceship which (with Illidan’s keystone) would jump between demon worlds – that would be replayable daily content, spread on endless chunks of black rock/fel green splinters of planets.

Third, the new raid’s last boss is claimed to be… Argus. The titan of the planet. I don’t know whether he’s corrupted – we shall see. My guesses could be that Legion somehow taps into his powers of the sleeping titan (like Azeroth is a girl who still sleeps), so in the raid we would need to end this. Maybe we fight his dreams or something like that. Anyways, I think we beat the shit out of his head (because that’s how you heal corruption in video games, WoW no exception). Then he awakes, clean, shatters Argus-Planet and kills Sargeras. That makes perfect sense.

The list of raid bosses is no-names, except Varimathras:


He was present ever since W3 – Frozen Throne. A badass model, I like it as much as Tichondrius.

All in all I expect an excellent story with huge amounts of lore thrown at us about titans and draenei past. But I’m not very eager about playing in sad and boring terrains of Legion terramorphing, especially the repeatable content. Broken Shore took me only what it needed to get achievements. I hate it, and I never want to back there whatever the world quest awards are.


4 thoughts on “Argus PTR: Expectations and Reality

  1. I glanced earlier today at the announcement. No mention of scaling! I can’t imagine them gear-gating the content. I guess, like Broken Shore, you can’t get there until you are 110. I hope my tender Alts can handle the rough terrain!


    • Catch-up tokens will be available, I guess. The system worked before and it works in current Broken Shore. It’s not that I currently need it, but I used Timeless Isle tokens extensively to let many alts into SoO.


  2. That mount better to talk, i would be so upset if it didn’t :-D, i feel Blizzard want to close the chapter of the fallen titan so it can focus on the old gods, i hope this is the case, prefer old gods stories.


    • It’s a mob actually, but yes, I think it’s gonna be a mount too :)

      I’m tired of Legion. We fought with them in TBC, then a year in Draenor, and now the whole expansion. I hope it’s the last when we see them.


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