Trivia: Mog Runs, Paragon Chests and More

Today’s trivia will be a quick barrage with the thoughts and achievements.

Midsummer: got the toy for 500 blossoms! Now I need 350 for the new pet, and the holiday will be completed again.

Carried out lots of transmog loot from Emerald Nightmare and The Nighthold. I’ll continue running these raids to get the full sets. So far I’ve collected sets for Warlock, Demon Hunter and Hunter. More toons now lack just one piece.

I’m setting off for the older raid transmog runs. This will be one of my major things to while away time. A perfect thing for lulls. Reliving the older epic battles and all, while also getting new good looks options.

Razorgore was nerfed! Now you pop those eggs in Blackwing Lair in an instant, so the encounter became a stroll in the promenade.

Yogg-Saron was nerfed! Now all this insanity business will not one-shot you. The counter comes back to 100 if you happen to reach zero, so the fight is perfectly safe now.

I went through the Deathwing’s spine, and it was the first time that I’ve managed to complete the encounter solo! Now it’s gonna be on farm – I need the last drake from Deathwing to complete two achievements.

Did some other raid runs too.


Hexen had a business lunch with a gnome in her Order Hall. If you sit and take your time, you’ll notice how a waiter comes to your table, there’s interaction going. These things make the world so live.


Got 5 more paragon chests from different emissaries – no mount luck yet. Although Micromantica reached her first paragon chest with Legionfall, and the felbat pet dropped!


Legionfall has no mount for paragon chests, so now I’m not missing anything. The other toons would get Exalted through tokens for Exalted’s sake, and I may as well abandon the faction.

I’ve combined a cool transmog set for Melaris which I called the Pale Death:


So, my nearest plans for the week are:

  • Transmog collecting from current and older raids
  • Lazy emissary chests farming on my schedule of 4 toons/day
  • Trying the first LFR wing of the Tomb
  • Getting the last pet from Midsummer vendors.

How’s your week?

8 thoughts on “Trivia: Mog Runs, Paragon Chests and More

  1. That Pale Death look is awesome, I really like those “swirls” on the upper body.

    O.o such nerfs to the older raids. Is it affected overall, meaning on all levels, you think? Just in case some “stop xp and live in xx expansion” guilds still exist.

    Sorry, how was Deathwing’s Spine nerfed? Was it difficult before? Not just time consuming?

    That interaction in the Order Hall is so neat!


    • Deathwing’s spine – no, I didn’t notice nerfs :) It’s just I never could manage it solo before, and it went very easily this time.

      “Swirls” are demon hunter’s tattoos :) We have a choice of them in barbershop, both in shape and color.

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  2. Thanks for the notice, i didn’t know about old raids nerf, i have no problem with Yogg on 25m, but 10m? it was harder, i don’t know why, usually i end the fight with less than 20 sanity, but in 25? usually more than 80, i want Mimiron’s head, the perfect mount for my goblin hunter.


    • I went in 10m when I noticed this. Right after the second phase starts, I drop to 27 sanity and I didn’t even notice how and why. Went in the portals, skulls did the rest. I was ready to die, but I popped out instead and had 100 sanity again. Then i deliberately reached 0 sanity again, and it happened again.

      Didn’t check in 25m yet.


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