Trivia: Anticipation

With Tomb of Sargeras out yesterday, I can’t yet put my nose into it until the next week (because LFR).

As much as I’m anticipating the new raid environment, I’m not being lazy. I have lots of things to do. And here’s what happens:

  1. My toons are now diligent about carrying sacks full of loot from both Emerald Nightmare and The Nighthold. I’m starting to finish my Nighthold model sets, and the rest of toons are lacking just 1 to 3 pieces.
  2. I’m exploring the role that I’ve largely ignored before: HEALING, and on every available class now. I got the general idea of every healing spec aside discipline priest, and I’m running the raids as a healer with big pleasure. It’s strangely relaxing compared to tanks or even dps. Maybe I’m gonna even try healing Tomb of Sargeras. On top of all, the queues for healers are smaller.
  3. Midsummer holiday is up, and there are four new achievements with bonfires: added in Draenor and Broken Isles. Got them quickly, and earned 150 flame flowers in process. I rummaged through the holiday goods list, and I saw that I lack one pet and one toy. So I’ll be getting them during weekend.
  4. New Archaeology project is up this week, and although I have an artifact appearance for the 8 solves, I’m heading to the bigger achievement. So one more thing to do on weekend.
  5. My reputation race is on, and Team Valar’jar/Highmountain (Micromantica, Aurinko, Bons, Paitsu) was the first to obtain a faction mount from bonus chest! Aurinko won a Highmountain moose.


  • Now I can safely ignore Highmountain emissary days – I just got myself a weekend from world quests :) The same is gonna happen with other factions.

3 thoughts on “Trivia: Anticipation

    • Pro:
      + I’m surprised it’s so relaxing, even when everyone wipes. Stress level grade from high to low: tanks -> dps -> healers
      + I’m always aware of everything that’s happening in raid. I know where everyone failed and how everyone is following the encounter mechanics. Considering I use no addons, it’s just stunning.

      – I mostly see only health bars. Sometimes pools of bad when I’m close and never the beauty of environment or spellcasting
      – I can’t puff my e-cig or take a sip of beverage with my other hand – I need both during the whole fight all the time (but I’m able to take my hand off mouse for several seconds while dpsing :) So, healing is not THAT relaxed :)

      Quite different, yes :)

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