Panda Reputations!

I have got almost every reputation achievement. I mean:

What I lacked is obviously the fresh Chromie, and a pair of Pandaria ones: Shao Hao and Shado Pan Assault.

I finished Shao Hao yesterday. I ran 4 dungeons with my Wardens/Nightfallen team – that is, Backston, Anibell, Mindebad and Melaris each ran a Pandaria timewalking dungeon.


Each of them got a quest for 500 coins. 2000 coins = 40 reputation tokens = 20000 Pandaria reputation of choice. All sent to Micromantica. Guess what? I’m Exalted without grind.


The next would be Shado Pan Assault. I will need just 4 dungeons more on other toons.

It happened so that I tanked two of four dungeons. Anibell and Melaris were awesome in that role :) Good pace, no lingering, no rushing, picking up all the mobs, cool positioning. It all went very smooth.


One thought on “Panda Reputations!

  1. Very good idea using those TW badges for it. I have been holding on to all of mine because I don’t want to end up using them on something I regret, hah. Silly approach, I know :P Maybe I’ll get that Raft from Anglers, finally…Hm.


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