Trivia: As the Week Rolls

Here’s a quick summary of the week before we proceed with class mount stories :)

Class Mounts

I’ve breached the tomb and acquired each and every class mount by now! And the last four were actually acquired in one sit, in one breath.

The stories are all awesome, and have some spectacular moments too. I even put this as a wallpaper for my twitter account:


The mounts themselves feel completely different from their screenshots. So it’s not enough to look at a picture and decide to acquire it or not, no. You have to try a mount too.

I’m using mage’s disc although I normally despise hovering mounts which don’t land. I’m in absolute awe from the cutest ever hunter’s mutant, although I had a very skeptical look on my face when I first got acquainted with screenshots. Shaman’s elemental appeared to be not so clumsy as I thought.

On the other hand, I dismissed the rogue’s raven that I craved to get. It twitches and bounces, and it just irritates me at large scales.

Expectations that meet reality:

Priest’s owlcat is amazing in every color, it’s superb.


And druid’s new flight form is something you flee from in horror. It’s ugly, disgusting, clumsy – it’s everything bad and worse. I’m lucky I have a proper owl glyph for my travel form. Yuck!


Did a bunch on my way!

250 mounts:


Got an artifact appearance for Micromantica for her 8th Archaeology project:


And also the last ogre solve appeared to be pristine, so it’s just arakkoa and orc clans from all the previous expansions left;


Obviously archaeology achievement must unlock artifact appearance for every toon.

Transmogrification Runs!

As you probably recall, my current Legion raids are actually hunting for transmog, and gear level doesn’t matter to me at this step.

Emerald Nightmare and The Nighthold share some set models, so I’d better loot everything from EN first – before going to The Nighthold. And I’m close to that. 1 to 3 pieces left for every armor type.

The new interesting thing about raids this weekend was me trying to heal with a shaman – my first ever shaman restoration play :) Legion really does encourage you to try different specs.

She already had 35 traits on her Sharas’dal weapon, and through EN and The Nighthold wing tokens the weapon was leveled to 43, somewhat compared to my Enhancement 48 and Elemental 47.

I’ve grasped the idea, and I liked the style. I even went and successfully healed the raid for Gul’dan, the current last boss! He gave me pants – quite earned.


Now I think that I want to try and learn playing all the class specs there are!

Actually I’m able to play every DPS and tank spec quite confidently. It’s only few healers left untouched yet: mistweaver monk, discipline priest, holy paladin, restoration druid. Not that I’m gonna master them and become the best healer ever. But I want to feel confident and perform any role my classes could perform, and with total awareness of what is going on.

2 thoughts on “Trivia: As the Week Rolls

    • Yes, especially on repetitive grind of previous raids :) Gives you a completely different sensation. Actually one of the main reasons I always started a new toon.


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