Trivia: As Planned

It’s all the same routines, and they go as planned.

As for reputations, I’m at the finish line. everyday I’m hitting one or several Exalted. As planned, the most reputations will be ready by the end of May:

May 16


May 22


Tip: if you completed 4 quests for an emissary, and you have over 20k Revered, be good and grind extra WQ for the faction before giving in emissary quest. When you hit Exalted, the extra points “burn”, and you basic Exalted reputation becomes zero.

For example, you have 20935 Revered points. You do a quest for 75 reputation, and you lose only 10 points (20935+65=21000). But if you give in emissary quest, it’s still gonna be (20935+65=21000), your Exalted is still gonna be 0. But this way you will lose 1435 points.

This works only at Revered/Exalted border.


Yeah, naturally I need the class mounts, so I’m bound to complete the whole grindy campaign for all toons. Micromantica is picking every next available quest every week, and the rest are lazily farming Sentinax badges. When I’m done with my Exalted journey, I will properly devote myself to Legionfall questlines.

Race Changes

Yeah, so once again the toon stopped resonating with me. This time it’s Night Elf Balance Druid.

  1. Casting looks silly: she stands on one leg during casting Wrath. At some point it just irritates.
  2. I’m not happy with outfits, I can’t find cool transmog for her. The ones I’ve acquired are merely acceptable.
  3. I’m not happy with faces and hair colors.
  4. I’m not glad that she cannot stand straight: if you look from the side at her figure, it’s not a line, it’s half a circle bent forward.
  5. Balance is a powerful slow caster, and my Night Elf feels like a swift creature which lacks patience.
  6. Tyrande and Malfurion in Legion killed every awe I may have had about night elves.

Worgen was an option, but I looked at the casting animations, and no-no-no, there’s too much hand waving in circles, it didn’t look practical.

And I don’t see Trolls as druids… well, maybe feral or guardian, but never as casters.

So, the only option I see for myself is female tauren. Balance druid is not a swift caster, it’s a mortar, and tauren fits nicely. I did a test drive, and all the casting animations are awesome. Not hasty, not a single bad animation, and the hand movements are so cool. I still have a week to think about it, but I think I’ll go for it.

How’s your week?


12 thoughts on “Trivia: As Planned

  1. I spent quite a bit of time yesterday on my female Tauren balance druid. I like her so much that I always use the glyph that makes her an astral cow instead of a silly bird thing.


    • This glyph only! In the open world all moonkins are hostile, corrupted and mad. I wonder why there’s not a single good one left, even at Darnassus. I can’t deal with the form.


  2. Wow, when I read you were into alts, I did not expect this. What dedication O.o!

    I´m sorry you are not fond of Night Elves. They have grown on me a little, since they changed the look of the models, but I miss the old ones, I always will.

    I can´t say I can argue with you, when it comes to Tyrande and Malfurion. But for me, it´s the voice actors more than anything; they just do not fit, I think.

    I hope you manage to pick a nice race, you like :)


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