The Coming Week Trivia

This time my trivia would be devoted to plans rather than past events.

Weekly Bonus

  • Weekly bonus is yet again 20 World Quests runs: 5k Order Hall resources that I desperately need. It perfectly responds to my reputation goals, so I’ll be running them like hell.
  • Good thing: there is also a reputation bonus for world quests.
  • Good thing:  with flights they are completed so easily
  • Bad thing: it will take my time from running LFRs. And I’m largely ignoring them lately: could be barely a single Nighthold run for one alt during the week.

New Campaign Quests

  • This week Khadgar gives you a campaign quest to gather 2500 shards.
  • Don’t worry: he’ll give 2499 back to you upon completion.
  • And this is it, you just get shards for him this week. No story coming.
  • I’ve collected them via a wyrmtongue cave chest: I got lucky to open the very first chest with 2139 shards and a toy.
  • If you don’t know about this cave yet, do the goblin archaeologist quests in Broken Shore asap.
  • There’s also an Alliance-only questline available. For a start you need to get the Varian’s compass in the water where he dropped it during the Legion cinematic. Locating it is not easy, the quest is not seen on the map, and you don’t get any directions. So follow the cinematic directions: you need to go in the sea where the Alliance ships crashed.
  • There’s a small separate piece of land in the sea – follow the red arrow and search underwater:

Broken Shore Anduin Questline - Varian Compass Map


  • Hexen got one more orange shiny today for Subtlety spec.
  • That makes it three legendaries in her bags, and she can wear just one.
  • I hate them. I seriously do.
  • They are not replaceable, because, oh wow, these are boots, wrists and shoulders
  • One is clearly meant for Subtlety and the other for Assassination. If I want to switch them with my spec, I have to wear three more items from Nighthold LFR in my bags. Should I save them just in case?
  • I just don’t care. I have no time, need or desire to fuss about these shinies. It just irritates me to large scales that I have three of them, and I can’t put them on. And there will be more coming.
  • Legendaries are a total mess.
  • They are not earned.
  • They don’t make transmog sets.
  • They are not replaceable.
  • They are a large annoyance.
  • And I hate all the GRATZ and saliva floods around them. They are not a good thing, there’s no room for celebration.
  • I don’t want them.

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