Legion Invasions – Defender of Broken Isles

So, the invasions are here.

How Do Invasions Work?

  • There’s a big Legion portal sign on your Broken Isles map, so you see which zone to travel to.
  • The duration of one invasion is 6 hours
  • All daily quests (except for pet battles and maybe professions) will be gone during invasion, and replaced by invasion world quests.
  • You don’t earn Legionfall reputation for world quests – only for the zone you’re in.

There are two parts of an invasion which roughly take equal time to complete.

  • For the first part you pick any four invasion quests in the zone – just like you do dailies. Mostly they are fill-the-bar skirmishes with Legion forces, but there was a warden-type quest too.

Once you’re done, you could get your emissary chest from the current zone and pick up the next quest.

  • For the second part there is also a fill-the-bar quest, then you queue up for a scenario of three people. The scenario works like it was in Mists of Pandaria: your group is formed of three players regardless of class, role and spec, and you are to complete several goals (which is mostly killing demon things).

When the scenario is complete, you are transferred to the “capital” city of the zone , and you get your reward along with 1/4 progress towards Defender of Broken Isles.

Tip: Don’t forget to take a quest from Maiev in Broken Shore before doing your first invasion. This quest requires you to complete a single random invasion event, and it’s awards you with +1500 to Legionfall reputation while also being the next step to the Broken Shore lore achievement.

My experience

It took me around 35 minutes to complete the whole thing. Roughly 15-20 minutes are the world quests, and 15 minutes were spent on pre-scenario quest and scenario itself.

The quests are perfectly justified: there’s a Legion spaceship which floats above the zone and spawns portals, so we obviously must kill the demons.

The first invasion was in Val’sharah, and I liked how it was Cenarius himself who provided briefing, not your random nameless druids.

Jarod Shadowsong gives you the pre-scenario quest in Black Rook Hold: there is a Legion camp at the ramparts, so we must clear it up.

Tip: Don’t go on foot! You won’t find anything if you travel by yourself. Speak to NPC after you take a quest – he will deliver you at the spot.

During the scenario you go around Black Rook Hold to claim an old elven tower, and then you fly to the Legion ship. Frankly speaking, I’m sick of how we always transform into a sort of magic bubbles, all the teleporting stuff, so it was a relief to travel on hippogryph backs during the scenario.

Micromantica went in Frost Mage spec and joined forces with an Assassination Rogue and a Fury Warrior. The scenario’s mobs are tough enough, and require positioning, interrupts and all, your health will be dropping during fights, but you can cope with them. We didn’t die, and we weren’t lost.

The whole experience was very enjoyable, but I’m not sure when the invasions would grow old. For the first week they are surely extremely fun.

The amount of rewards for completing the whole thing was overwhelming. I have disenchanted at least 4 items of 855-860, used at least 4 AP tokens, got many shards and order hall resources. Totally worth it for half an hour of gameplay.

I can’t find any drawbacks in invasion events. Can’t see how they could’ve made them better.

They’re cool :)


4 thoughts on “Legion Invasions – Defender of Broken Isles

  1. I liked doing the Azuna invasion last night. Thanks for the tip on getting the rep quest first. I missed that. And in Azuna you hope a ride on the blue dragon flight to the ship. All in all it was what I enjoy doing in WoW, just me and my wife riding around in a chopper killing thing to save the world.

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