Broken Shore: Patch 7.2. Release Day

So, we’re here.

The schedule said that maintenance would last 4 a.m. – 12 p.m. – well, during the whole Legion it’s more generous to the players. I tried to login at 9 a.m. – and succeeded.

For a small hour before going to work Micromantica has succeeded in finishing the entrance scenario, opening all the three flight points and exploring the location.


Upon doing that, I am 450/6000 Friendly with Legionfall faction.

The renewed Pathfinder requirements are just four:

  • Pathfinder I – complete
  • Explore Broken Shore – complete
  • Fight the demon invasion WQ in 4 zones
  • Become Revered with Legionfall

This is a very short and easy list to do.

As I understand, the class mounts will be given to you independently. It has nothing to do with flight achievement, although I presume that campaign quests will grant you nice chunks of reputation. To get a class mount, you will need to complete the plot campaign which, like Suramar one, will be stretched over 11 weeks. So think of manasaber here which is a reward for completing the Suramar campaign. Although, unlike manasaber, the order hall mounts are unique and so you are encouraged to complete them for every class.

Broken Shore Scenario

It starts much like Broken Shore assault, then ends up with teleporting to and destroying flagship, and Dalaran breaches the gate of Tomb of Sargeras with arcane cannon.

It’s pretty flashy, but I wish there were more links to the Legion launch scenario.

I liked how nameless different class champions are your fighting force here. They prove to be really effective, and you feel like you’re just one of them which is cool. They are very capable of destroying demons even without your help: it’s not your average eternal clash of good and bad mobs who would fight forever if you don’t join the fight.

You are offered a small clash with Mephistroph as a final scenario boss: quest says “kill”, but you barely take 10k off his hitpoints, and he flees for no reason. We know he’s the new dungeon final boss, but his presence here was useless in the first place. He fought like a girl, he ran for it – I think we’d better get rid of some other demon captain, and kill him properly with some effort.

Broken Shore As a Quest Hub

I didn’t do any world quests here yet, I was hurrying to explore. All in all it reminds much of a Isle of Thunder. The same bleak, dark colors, the same mage base. I like it more than not. They also threw in some new demons – because felguards, imps and doomguards grew a bit old. Basically you’re fighting Felsoul Hold deck plus some fresh ones – and they also added fel nagas too.

Logistics are a mess. I’ve found two checkpoints which have something to do with my artifact weapon quest, and I couldn’t reach the third although it was within my hand’s reach – but on a cliff. Didn’t have too much time to fight all the way back there, so it’ll be left for the evening. I’ve opened both flight points though.

Of course my 12th alt would get to every point with her eyes closed: it’s just a question of experience. And yet I hate the slopes so much. Can’t wait to fly.

I need to see the WQs of course, but my first run showed that we lack some variety here. It’s demons, demons and demons. There’s no pinch of salt detected – remember how we had this saurok area at the Isle of Thunder?


Nethershards are plenty. I didn’t engage in a fight or quest yet, just occasional mobs on the way, and I got 375 shards. Tier tokens are your 400 shards, so you could buy them easily.

New garrison resources come as quest rewards only.

 Exalted Chests

If you happen to be Exalted with previous Legion factions, you are encouraged to grind them again. Every 10k reputation over Exalted would grant you a chance to loot faction-specific mount from the chest: that means a total of six extra mounts.

I hate the random incorporated in this. Surely it’s the perfect motivation to keep WQs relevant, but imagine a dude who diligently grinds every emissary chest throughout the expansion and never gets it.

I’d say the drop chance here should be at least 25-30%. It’s a big work with six factions, and it has no guarantees, so please make it less tedious.

Transmog Collections

I’ve checked out the tier sets and was surprised to have only FOUR collected. What about Naxxramas I was grinding and running multiple times for achievements? What about Molten Core – hello, I’m Exalted with Hydraxian Waterlords? What about Firelands? What about Pandaria – I was collecting the sets on PURPOSE there?

I don’t know if I could get PvP sets without PvP, but I’ll run the older raids for sure. This is a FUN and relaxing activity to me, and now it has a purpose.


All in all the Patch 7.2. is a new breath of air. It’s a plot advance, and it’s new opportunities for your gameplay. I don’t hate it, it looks nice and it’s new lore, but I’m growing tired of demons. And we also have Argus patch coming.

Like I said, my first priority will be Micromantica’s dailies in Broken Shore: I need that Revered reputation asap. The other toons would lazily complete emissaries and follow her steps if they have time.


2 thoughts on “Broken Shore: Patch 7.2. Release Day

    • Water strider is my savior :)
      Actually you can blame Blizzard for lots of things, but not logistics. If you have to fall from a cliff or try to climb steep slopes, you’re doing it wrong. There’s always a highway to the needed areas.


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