Milestone: 2 Days Until Patch 7.2.

Patch 7.2. is dropping on EU realms on Wednesday, which means that I’ll be largely exploring Broken Shore on Wednesday evening after work.

We have two days to go. Are you ready? I am not.


My chart says it all.

Artifact Weapons

I am at least fine with artifact weapons.

We were supposed to have at least 35 traits so we could do some quests, add a new trait options and boost our artifact knowledge. That I do. Most of the weapons are 35 or even more. Mayluna lacks a bit behind having four druid weapons, but it can be cured of course.

I’m not in the artifact power race, and I’ve never been. This part of the chart serves not as urge to hurry, it’s just a reminder of where should I put the next tokens I earn. We’ll be there. Or not – I don’t really care if I gain all 54? 86? 421207 traits? during the expansion.


Yes, it’s Revered borderline. I’m entering the new patch being “revered blue” – with a goal of “violet exalted”. I’m diligently running every emissary quest – in fact, every toon has his emissary list empty by the end of the day. It is – it was – a reputation marathon.

Once the Patch 7.2. drops, I’ll return to the previous pattern. Legionfall will be the first priority, and I will be doing the other emissaries very chaotically. Not necessarily I’ll be running every toon for emissaries – in fact, only if I have time to do so. I’m entering “we’ll be there” state with reputations. The important thing before patch was driving every toon to Revered – then you think of 21k as the last leg.

The Nighthold

Finally, the last mysterious part of my chart (1,2,3,4) means The Nighthold wings. This much I’m able to perform during the week – throw in a pair of “+” on Monday evenings.

One full run per toon gets me several pieces of loot. We’re so far from completing this raid. By completion I mean collecting the tier set pieces – average ilvl is between 850-865, so I meet the requirements for the next group content by all means. At best my toons have one or two set pieces, and it’s runs, runs and runs coming.

The sad thing is that Blizzard will likely drop the next raid in April, so we’ll have to collect the next set.

I don’t know where they are hurrying. They are over the top again. We’ve complained about the lack of content – here we go, we have a new raid every 2-3 months, and we just don’t have time to digest the previous one. Come on: LFR Gul’dan was available only 3 weeks before the next Patch. I’m not voting the 12-month raids, but this pace just doesn’t let us to get busy with smaller things, save the main course.  I think the Patch 7.2. should have dropped at least at the end of April, giving us some time. Even if I played only one toon, three attempts at the last boss could be too little to get a tier piece.

Shall we expect Argus in June, then new expansion announced in August and out by Blizzcon?  It seems ridiculous, but too likely. One more hilarious thought: it now seems that Blizzard hates Legion expansion so much that they want to get rid of all patches as soon as they can.



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