Enter Orc


Meet Gorhaug, a warrior.

Fantasy is: he’s a young orc just out of his teens who was not allowed to AU Draenor campaign yet due to his age. He was born on MU Draenor during the orc Horde invasions to Azeroth and remembers all the war horrors as a child. He has a warchief tattoo on his chin, but I wouldn’t play him as a young prince. He has all the Horde’s virtues: blood and honor, he’s impetuous and enjoys the song of battle axes, but he’s not unnecessarily cruel.

Reason to create the toon: reading WoW Chronicles Volume 2.

Now, what shall I do with him?

My goal is to see leveling process in Legion. When I’m at 100, I’m eager to experience Legion catch-up for the toons who started several months late.

Won’t happen too soon. It’s a toon for relaxed gameplay to distract myself from routines. He’ll be wearing all the heirlooms on the way – speed leveling through dungeon runs and grabbing high level questlines as soon as they’re available.

No professions yet, and frankly I don’t want to take any.

He’s at lvl 11 now, and I can’t wait to mog him and send him flying.

And I just like running an orc warrior, it feels so right and fun :)



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