I Bathe in Blood


My previously unplayed spec mastering continues, and the recent acquisition is Blood spec of Death Knights.

It’s interesting how Death Knights never work for me on the first try. It required five DK characters to start a proper Death Knight toon until I got the idea and reveled in Frost.

Mastering Unholy a month ago was easy though – after a single LFR wing I’m as effective and confident as Frost, although I still don’t like pets.

Now, Blood.

Blood was a disaster with me whenever I tried it. People claimed that a DK tank should survive by itself in group content and even without healers. People post videos of DKs running current content raids SOLO.

What really happened: I was dying even to not-so-hard elite mobs in Legion. So when other of my tanks wouldn’t even sweat or suffer more than 5% health bar chips, DK would… die and die again. So I had to kill those hard mobs in Frost eventually.

It was a hard nut to crack, and a challenge. It intrigued me and itched my nerves, so I’ve rolled up my sleeves… and learned to play it.

The secret was easy. Other tanks have distinction between offensive and defensive abilities. I even assign the offense into 1-5 keys, and defense goes into mouse-clickable bar located over bags and game menus. With DK, it’s not.

It’s blended.

The core defensive abilities of DK are also offensive, so what I needed to learn is to HOLD myself from pressing the attack keys on cooldown like I do with other tanks. This small management did the trick: my dear brutal Mindebad is unbreakable like she should.

I have no urge to run group content as a tank for the time being, but the utility of cracking the hardest WQ boss solo is now available to the undead Gnome as well.


P.S. The artifact weapon is one of my most favorite.


One thought on “I Bathe in Blood

  1. I love blood dks and up until I levelled a dh, it was my favourite alt class for soloing harder content that I couldn’t do on my druid.
    Wading into a mob and just being able to heal myself and whittle their health down is super satisfying.

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