Patch 7.2. Expectations, Rep Grind and The Nighthold

Patch 7.2. will presumably dawn on us very-very soon, and here are the signs:

  • PvP season comes to an end. I know nothing about PvP, but a season end usually indicates new patch.
  • Blizzard posted big previews of the new dungeon and the new activities on the Broken Shore
  • Finally, all my alts got a quest for some Broken Shore follower mission, and 3 or 4 more were available after I did it.

Granted that PvP season lasts for at least two weeks more, I foretell the patch coming at the beginning – middle of April.

This gives my alts some time to run more raids for gear up and transmog and come as close to finishing the current reputations as possible. Although it still won’t be enough.

I’m totally eager to see the new lore and the new activities, but the content is very hasty nowadays.

Reputation Grind

Well, in Legion it’s not exactly a grind. Enjoyable and fast 4-world-quest streaks for emissaries provide lots of useful stuff, and by choice. You don’t have to run the quests you don’t like: you can always wait for easier ones for three days.

My toons are good with Nightfallen, and Micromantica is good with every faction, so it’s a relief too. Still I have work to do:

The number color codes are:

  • Orange – Friendly
  • Green – Honored
  • Blue – Revered
  • Violet – Exalted and Good

Italic (cursive) is current emissary to complete. For example: Anibell smashed the brains out of dangerous creatures in the morning, so her Wardens number is in normal font.

Alt Management!!

The Nighthold

Mayluna ran the full LFR yesterday, and she got the tier chest along with several items.

Is it me, or the loot has a pattern? I’ve noticed that on your very first LFR run in certain raid you would get mostly rings and trinkets and necks. On your second and third run you have increased drop chance for capes and belts. Since the third run the tier slots start to get covered.

I’m not sure if it’s true, but I’ve noticed this pattern since Draenor.

Melaris and Her Tattoos

I mogged the chest to expose all the intricate Illidari tattoo designs…


Blizzard artists didn’t draw all those tattoos to be covered under gear, did they?


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