Trivia: Routines and Legendaries

It’s the first weekend of my routined, relaxed gameplay. Let’s see.


Didn’t bother this week except a single run. Then an idea dawned on me on Sunday night: I could buy 500 rep tokens! I still have Shao Hao and Shado-Pan assault long from completion on Micromantica. So, granted that tokens are account-bound, I may need to run the Pandaria dungeons next time. Meanwhile I would spend the tokens I’ve already got. By the way, these two reputations are my last to fill the whole rep achievement bar:


World Quests

Yeah: routines! I’ve picked up the pace.

  • The important thing is not to try and do the emissary for every toon.
  • The important thing is not to get tired or exhaust yourself.
  • The important thing is to do only emissaries, not every quest available.
  • The important thing is to pick a toon you want to play at the moment.

You wait for raid, you run emissary quests. You have half an hour, you run emissary quests. It’s easy and enjoyable. Just don’t think of them as of obligatory things. You’re not in a hurry, you’ll be there Exalted.

And like with Nightfallen, once you start doing emissary quests, the reputations are completed in no time. The speed of leveling reputations is actually frightening. Well, if you don’t expect them to be done in three days and then fall into despair,

My chart has color codes for reputation numbers: orange for friendly, green for honored, blue for revered. And my chart is very quickly becoming blue nowadays.

The Nighthold

Yes, it’s on farm. People are still struggling with Gul’dan – which requires several wipes – but all in all the rest of the raid is completed pretty smoothly.

The full runs are very exhausting, and the real reasons for this are Botanist and Elisande. Their encounters are easy, i don’t even remember a single wipe, and player deaths are very very rare. It’s just they are ridiculously long and tiresome. After Athenaeum wing I don’t even feel like doing anything else and need a break.

I hope we have at least two or three months for this raid – it would be nice to get 7.2. not earlier than May. I’m constantly feeling whipped by Blizzard to run and run during this expansion – like a horse at an obstacle race. I don’t have any time for extra activities. Yes, I have many alts, but my time’s got to be compensated with not running any freaking dungeons which other people do. I’m not happy with patch delivering speed this time.


I don’t get the overall madness with shinies. The player obsession with them seems like… religious. Legendary this, legendary that, let’s run a thousand mythics a week to get them! And you barely could wear 2 by now.

I’m not excited with them – at all. You can’t wear many. You can’t collect all, and it’s useless if you did – you can’t wear everything. It doesn’t even alter you ilvl for more than 1-2 points. And they are not really suited for all specs – which means you should wear a heap of replaceable items. It’s partly justified with tank – heal – dps roles, but when my warlock gets a shiny where she doesn’t benefit in two other specs? And the whole random thing – these shinies don’t even feel earned.

All of my toons have one or two. Most of them came either from emissary chests, some off LFRs. But do I care about shinies? Not a tiny bit I don’t. We are powerful in the field and smash the mobs, we provide decent contribution in LFR.

I guess shinies in their current state are more of an annoyance than profit. I’m not excited about them, and if tomorrow they would suddenly be replaced by current LFR items – I would just shrug and say “OK”.

Melaris Plays RTS

Melaris the Demon Hunter is farming Lunarfall mine and herb garden daily to level her professions. Suddenly she decided to make her Garrison cosy. And she ordered a construction!


All the construction sites active, it looked like you’ve ordered bildings in Warcraft II or Warcraft III :)


Bons has discovered cool options for Fury Warriors I’ve never thought of. You could have some real fun when dual-wielding – and fighting – with staves and spears!



Footman of N’zoth


Popsicle Enforcer


It was quite a night :)



One thought on “Trivia: Routines and Legendaries

  1. You are so right, our Legendary pieces do not feel earned. It was a bit of a shock to read it but it rings true; it is random. It would feel ugly to be strutting with a Collection of Shine that simply represented the amount of “time played”, I’d feel like a sucker, a mark.


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