Trivia: Every Little Thing We Do

Insurrection Completion & Further Plans

My Insurrection project comes to an end. I have 2 toons left to complete this questline. Melaris the Demon Hunter is today at step 9 (final), and Mayluna the Druid has completed the second and last intermission of 5 order hall missions, so she’s ready to whoosh through steps 7-9 in one breath.

It means that we’re ready to kill Gul’dan next week for a quest – which is a perfect timing.

It also means that the main expansion storyline will be completed for all of my toons. We could probably do some side questlines for fun – like murlocs or kobolds in Highmountain – but it’s very optional and not at all urgent or obligatory.

  • The priority goal (except the obvious LFR runs for transmog and gear upgrades) will be reputations. I don’t know if I’m gonna do Exalted for every toon, but I must definitely go Exalted for profession-related factions on my toons.
  • I also need to get busy with profession quests and professions themselves. Like I said, I don’t want to craft anything in Legion except toys and transmog items – all the fun is dead in this expansion. But I definitely want to max all profs to 800 and settle there quite happy. Darkmoon is coming this week too.
  • Transmog runs – with 7.2. coming, I’m eager to collect some full sets from older raids. It’s a leisure activity – and with lots of rewards. Besides, the raids hold many models that I simply crave to have. For example, I’ve visited old Karazhan on every leather toon to get the coolest black high boots which make you legs look slender, not tumors. It’s a must item for my Night Elves.

Mastering Non-Played Specs

I’m in a sort of a lull state – as my activities now consist of either repeatable content or forgiving LFR runs. So it’s the best spot to try the specs I did not play before and see if they’re cool.

1/ That One Quest during Good Suramaritan made me learn to play every tanking spec I haven’t tried yet. Now I’m very confident about tanks of every class (except DK), and I could easily perform a tank role in dungeon or raid if needed. Still I leave that role to crack the harder questing nuts if it’s too hard to complete as a dps. For example, Melaris does the final legs of Insurrection in Vengeance because it involves groups of hardened mobs attacking you at once, and Havoc is too squishy to play there comfortably, it lacks endurance.

2/ I still have some strong objections to healing, but “not that we needed healing for the trip, but once you get locked into a serious spec trying, the tendency is to push it as far as you can.” The major reason for me not to heal is that you’re not only looking on your action bars, but instead of the battle field you look at health bars. So I’m a complete wuss in healing. Still I may try some healing in very forgiving LFRs EN and ToV which are on farm: yesterday our tank (and thus raid) completely ignored Guarm’s breath mechanics, and we slew it. I’m eager to try Priest and Shaman for a start – but not now, not now.

3/ DPS-specs that I didn’t try before. By now I’ve pretty much played all the specs I’ve previously ignored, I got the idea, and I know how to max my performance to be most effective. What have we got here:

Rogue: In Legion I’ve mastered Subtlety and Outlaw. Subtlety is super effective but your abilities constantly switch on the bar as you dive in and out of shadows, and it lacks the heavy DoT component. It’s good for outdoors, but a bit dull for raids. Outlaw is precious for its pirate vibe, and it must stay as such, but it’s not very fun to me. Assassination is my choice for every situation.

Death Knight: Hellyeah, I’ve finally tried and liked Unholy spec. It appeared to be very cool for every situation: in raids you are on your own because pet is busy somewhere, and outdoors it’s great to kill many mobs and do it fast. Death Coil is amazing spell too :) But it has its drawbacks: it’s not so fun for raid marathons as you wait too much for cooldowns on the long run, and your pet is annoying you – I don’t like pets, and I grow tired of them very fast. Especially when it’s an abomination which is too hulking. I think I would sacrifice my DPS and walk with a ghoul. If they had a talent to dismiss your pet forever, Unholy would definitely be equal to Frost for me. Otherwise it’s an occasional fun spec, but not my main.


Hunter / Warlock: share the same problem with Beast Mastery and Demonology specs. It’s easy to learn how to play them, but they are not fun at all. Much of your abilities are about pets… and you just don’t see what these abilities do. You press a button, and enemy’s health drops a bit. So, your character seems like lazy and doing nothing.

Some Fun Stuff

I took part in hippogryph hatching event. It was pretty useless, and I felt myself a bit cheated.


Adding achievements would have been easy and motivating. Why not do so? Otherwise I just don’t have the urge or desire to participate in these events. I didn’t go to Silithus, and I’m not gonna celebrate the guards day in capitals or whatever it is.


Highmountain has a hidden achievement: collect your friends and find out that the Thunder Totem floor where chieftains are is actually a big drum!

Wowhead says that 5 people is enough – we did it with 10 guildies. Countdown and jump-jump-jump on the drum altogether!

Enter Warlock…

Reading a post about Microfury – did you think for a single moment that I’m not playing warlocks anymore?

Meet Faerella.


She’s glorious, she likes shinies, and all her life is a never-ending carnival.

By the way, it’s interesting how I localized her name into Latin letters :) In Cyrillic it’s spelled as Феарелла – if you change letters one by one without thinking it would be “Fearella”.

I can’t spell it this way by some reasons.

First, an English reader would detect the word “fear” in the name. As suitable as it could be for a warlock, in Russian the meaning of nickname reminds more of the word “faerie” and has nothing to do with fear. Second, you would also read “Fear-” as [fɪə], and in this case you should spell it in Russian as “Фиарелла” which is a different nickname.

So, to keep reading the first syllable as [fɛə] and keep the association with faerie (her life is a life of a princess, full of pleasure and singing butterflies) – I’ve swapped two vowels for the blog, and I give you Faerella :)


3 thoughts on “Trivia: Every Little Thing We Do

    • I’ve no free time for fishing yet :) I’ve fished out all the new coins from Dalaran fountain, dinged 800 with Micromantica, and this is it. Probably it’ll be far further in expansion.
      I’ve added Legion Archaeology projects though in my routines.

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  1. Glad to meet you, Faerella!
    I love the explanation about her name — etymologies and different languages fascinate me.

    So far, the microholidays have been a pass for me, too. I’d been thinking that I’d go to the hippogryph hatching, that it would be fun to have a cute mini-hippogryph sitting on my shoulder for a week — but when the day came, I was just too tired from the rest of my week to want to put forth the effort.

    If Unholy DKs had a talent like Frost Mages’ Lonely Winter or Marks Hunters’ Lone Wolf, I’d take it and be more likely to play Unholy, too — I just don’t like ghouls, and aboms are even worse.


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