Trivia: Adventures and Misadventures

Many things have happened during the weekend besides my Royal Athenaeum runs. I’ll list the events and thoughts in no particular order.

Love Is Not In The Air

… again. Today’s morning was my last run this year for the love rokkit. No luck – and it’s been 5 days runs, not so much this year due to my circumstances. I’ll try to farm Brewfest and Hallows End properly.

By the way, what’s this piece of an idiot restriction for how many queues you may queue during an hour? Say, the dungeon cooldown goes off at 10 a.m. and at 10:40 I’m supposed to go to work. 40 minutes is just enough to run all my 12 alts through the holiday dungeon, but no. Blizzard would not let you queue after 10th alt. Well, you may queue, and even get an invitation to the group, but then you’ll be constantly tossed out of the dungeon – because ‘you’ve queued too much’. You’re in a group, and you can’t get teleported to the dungeon. You have to wait 20 extra minutes, and only then this personal cooldown wears off. Why would Blizzard care if I wanted to run 50 alts one after another? It’s just stupid.


As long as Microfury has her Affliction and Destruction artifact weapons at 35 traits, I was putting AP points into Demonology weapon. Not to switch specs every time during my Insurrection questline, I’ve decided to give it a try for the first time in the expansion (I’ve tried a Demonology warlock up to level 20 during Hearthstone event).

Legion’s Demonology appeared to be quite nice. I think that d-warlocks are weeping for nothing considering spec changes in Legion. Demon form frankly suits demon hunters much better – ever since Warcraft 3 it’s been their thing, not warlocks’. Summoning dozens of minions is so much more immersing and fun!

The only Demonology drawback is that demons have pretty dark models, so it’s hard to detect them in battle at a first glance. To fully feel the power of a Demonologist, you must actually see the armies you’ve summoned. If you miss to notice them, it’s just you’re looking at the panel mostly, and enemy somehow dies. Not so much fun. So I may stick to flashy mortar Destruction, or evil soul ripping Affliction. But I’ve positively learned the spec and could switch to it if I wish so. This is a good thing.

Valar’jar Transmog

Both good and bad things happened :) Micromantica has finished the Odyn’s quest for transmog yesterday as a cloth champion. She was already anticipating the new outfit she will wear – Trials of Valor has this awesome dark blue set for cloth guys, perfectly fitting all mage specs. Simple, but strictly elegant.

She did a small daily, got her last 4 (of 1000) soul shards, and won Odyn to claim her reward from him. She unpacked the parcel with hands shaking, and then…


She got those models, but it’s a brown recolor set which you get from Trials of Valor Normal raid.

So more ToV it is for cloth girls *sob*


My guildies looked for a tank, and I’ve decided to give my paladin Anibell a test-drive: I’ve never tanked a group content before with paladin.

It went pretty smooth, although we had few occasional deaths. I’m pretty confident about paladin tanking now, and I got some transmog items from Cataclysm dungeons too.

But it was exhausting. Despite the 875 relic from the chest (which went to replace Ashbringer’s 825), I’m not ready for 5 dungeon runs in a row. I felt like I would better run an LFR or something – totally not worth it considering gear.

Go a dungeon, get 500 tokens, switch to another alt for another 500 tokens, get Timewalking mounts, transmog and toys eventually – that’s your Timewalking tactics.


Everyone was so excited about the Spirit of E’chero, and I was hesitating if I want to do it this week or let it go until next time.

A post from AnnInWonderland did the thing. She wrote that it took her only 2 hours – that I could do! Besides I had those two hours until my wife finished watching a movie so that we could watch another one together.

Micromantica the Explorer got her quest, rolled up her sleeves, and we started digging.

Long story short, it took her one-and-a-half hour.


Archaeology is what I do since it was first introduced. I’ve got all achievements up to Pandaria, almost all pristine solves from Draenor, and now I tried Legion Archaeology for the first time in the expansion.

It’s perfect.

While all the other professions are a mess – even Cooking and First Aid – I would give a medal to the guy who designed Archaeology in Legion.

Those bigger week projects are amazing. They give just the goal to dig much – and with the major quest progress digging doesn’t feel too grindy. While on the quest, you would easily collect the pristine objects – I had four of five Highmountain pristine solves while I was hunting for E’chero’s bone:


And look at this room too. Finally the objects are neatly organised and there’s a sensible number of them: 5 for every race.

I’m gonna do Archaeology projects every week now – not only I like it from the very beginning, but it’s also so good in Legion. Yet one more thing set right in this expansion.

Fun Fact: Thalyssra’s Toes

I don’t know if you have to be a Gnome to notice this, but Microfury did and took a picture:


Look at her toenails omg :) I guess Shal’dorei are closer to Kal’dorei then, their bestial roots.

Btw, my highlight Legion NPC is Valtrois. She’s awesome :)


4 thoughts on “Trivia: Adventures and Misadventures

  1. tl;dr New archaeology sucks
    I think archaeology became much, MUCH worse in Legion, for a few reasons.
    1. Limited time to finish special rewards like this mount. Had a two week vacation/troubles with your PC/subscription/whatever-else? Well, too bad for you, you’ll get a chance to dig that item again in 6 (!) months. Oh, and that achievement you wanted for digging/solving all special projects? Yeah, not so fast buddy.
    2. Speaking of the achievements: gathering pristine artefacts is now even bigger headache (how is that even possible?). So what that there are only 5 for each race. You have only one type of digsites available at once. Got all Highmountain pristines and would like to try a couple of Demons’? Nope, come again in two weeks. I’ve got one pristine Orge piece from Draenor missing and I can go and try to get it right now (and spend as much time doing so as I want). And it really doesn’t matter whether you need 15 or 50 total. In both Pandaria & Draenor you got most of the collection very fast and got stuck with 3-4-5 super-hard-to-get items.
    3. A little bit of elitism, of course. How many people have that blue Qiraji bug (or even a skeleton raptor)? But now – “You get a mount! And you get a mount! Everybogy gets a mount!”© In my guild, even the biggest simpletons (“Me saw a thing, me hit it with a pointy stick”) are suddenly become archaeology experts, casue it takes them that “couple of hours” to get +1 to mount collection. You do it, you get a reward, you forget about it forever.
    The best improvements this profession ever got were in Pandaria where you got a chance to trade finished artefacts to other fraction’s pieces and got that sweet magnet item that allowed you to grind only Klaxxi digsites for a day. Now that was cool as it gave you the control and flexibility instead of artificial restrictions. I wish we had that magnets for each race (stupid Draenor ogre statue!), but insterad we had this “improved” mess.


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