New Models in 7.2.

There were few datamined models tonight – which are pretty cool.

First, it’s Sith-like Anduin. It may be his travel clothes, but he is too much alike the infamous Anakin.


Second, it’s Kil’Jaeden with legs. It’s obvious he has them, but I think we didn’t see him before in his full height, not even in Frozen Throne when he bullied Illidan in cinematic:


Third, it’s Gallywix!


The most important thing is that he matches the loading screen art now! The standard male goblin was way old even in Pandaria, and finally the faction leader got his awesome looks.

It’s the craziest mash up which reminds me of John Silver and Italian gangsters in Soviet cartoons as well as Red Queen:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Also a glam rock star or something.

Anyways, my goblin girls can’t wait to pay him a visit and make lots of selfies.

Well done, Blizzard!


One thought on “New Models in 7.2.

  1. Well done indeed, Gallywix looks amazing, now that is a chin, if i see him in the game i’ll keep staring at this glorious chin .. forever, it is mesmerizing!

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