One More Year In WoW

It’s December 30, and it is time to summarize my year :)

January – July has been devoted to many things – even at this stage of WoD expansion.

I leveled and mastered few classes that I didn’t play before. A fire mage, a combat rogue, a shadow priest and a brewmaster monk. It was an exciting adventure! Brewmaster and shadow priest are now in my ultimate all-class team. I also enjoyed the rogue and mage specs, they are very fun… except that ice and assassination are still my best choices.

I did a thorough mount grinding in Spring. Ashes of Al’ar, Attumen’s Horse, all the mounts and pets from Argent Tournament, a white raptor for 9999 dinosaur bones, reputation mounts from Tol Barad, token mounts from Timewalking events, a rocket built by my engineer – and all the mounts you could buy for money at Auction House. That’s a great catch for the year! There’s some room for improvement yet, as I don’t have mounts from Ulduar and ICC, and dungeons were not generous as well :) But I enter 2017 with 240 mounts in my stables.

I’ve covered lots of long-term achievements too. Pandarian Archaeology was probably the most notable one. Many loose ends at Draenor were also covered before leaving the planet, but many more to go.

Then there came pre-patch events which got me very busy for the couple of months. I’ve rearranged and managed my alt roster which was 17 by the moment, and I mercilessly reduced it to 12 toons of all classes – all at one realm. I also did some spec changes for Legion, and Schlitzchen the Shaman switched from Enhancement to Elemental, Microfury the Warlock switched from Affliction to Destruction, Mayluna the Druid switched from Balance to Feral. I’ve never played any of these new specs before, but they appeared to be so cool, and they stay until now.


As we’re stepping in 2017, I’m feeling very confident of where I am now.

Alt ilvl: 830+, which means I’m able to run current LFR with every alt and almost ready for Nighthold (requirement for the next LFR is 835). My main has a solid number of 857 which is quite enough to burn all the mobs and be a big girl in LFR and dungeons )

Alt Artifact Knowledge: for every alt it’s between 20-24. This is quite enough to get a solid number of artifact power for every activity. I guess I will cap them all by the raid opening.

Alt Artifact Traits: for every alt it’s between 27-33. If a toon is at 27, it’s because she is a bit behind in the course of Suramar campaign.

Questing: obviously all the main storylines are done for my main. My alts are catching up with Suramar campaign, and this is my main focus now. Enormous amounts of artifact power are worth it! I still have to do many side questlines – at least once – in different zones. For example, I didn’t see yet how dragons killed moonkin in Stormheim.

Dungeons: I’m pretty fed up with them. Just don’t have a single desire to visit any, with any alt, at any difficulty. Maybe I need a big break to start missing them. There maybe an interest to see mythics, Suramar and Karazhan once they’re available on group finder.

Raids: I’m eager to re-run EN and ToV both with all of my alts. They are pretty much on farm now, and I have much mogging to get there. ilvl doesn’t matter that much: I could get gear from world quests, easy and fast.

Reputations: Micromantica is Exalted with Nightfallen, and now she grabs every emissary quest every day. If she weren’t lazy, I’d be Exalted with every faction long ago. All the other toons are not so anxious – we’ll be there eventually.

Professions: so far I’ve maxed both Skinners to 800, and one of the Tailors is at 799. Yes, not even a single Herbalism or Mining is 800 yet! And I’m not even talking about First Aid, Cooking or other crafting ones. It’s an expansion-long project I guess. I just want to level them all, get achievements, see the stories and quests, craft everything once for mogging and collections, and just forget about any professions as a bad dream.


Let the stats speak for itself:


I just want to thank you all for following my adventures and thoughts this year! I want to let you know that every single feedback is truly appreciated, and it motivates me to continue my writing.

I wish you all a Happy New Year – and I’m off for my winter holidays week. It’s gonna be a break from writing, but not from playing. Many things are done, many things are to be done. Goals are set.

Let’s see what happens in 2017, shall we?

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