There was a tense course of events all pressed into yesterday session.

Paitsu got a hidden appearance for her artifact, the monk’s keg! I’ve been hunting this for a month – you need a functioning brewery as an order hall trait. Then you check the big keg daily for useful buff potions and a possible proc of hidden appearance. The hidden keg appeared to be too big and ridiculously dangling, so I will stick with the class campaign one.

Mayluna heard a noise in Emerald Dream, and she got the first stone for the hidden kitty appearance. Mark you, I don’t like the owl kitties, but I’m such a completionist…

Melaris the Demon Hunter did an emissary quest for Nightfallen, and the chest contained the letter which seems to be the quest chain for a fox mount! Now her followers are happily running the required missions. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Aurinko the Priest also got something from an emissary chest, and it was her first Legendary item – a ring! The Legion has granted me three legendary things so far: a ring for the mage, a ring for the priest, and a belt for the paladin. All came from emissary chests of different factions.

The most gameplay time was spent doing the emissary quest for Suramar on every alt except Micromantica (she’s good). That meant 44 quests in whole, and I ran them very fast. There was a great boost in reputation: from 2-3k honored to 6-9k honored in one evening for every alt. Some things and upgrades dropped too. Of course it was worth it.

From now on, I’m focusing on completing the available Good Suramaritan questlines on my alts asap. While on emissary quests, I’ve noticed that some quests are not available for certain alts who haven’t completed the corresponding storylines yet. So you just have less choice: you may miss the cool rewards, and you may have to do more tedious and long quests for emissary. I’m playing through the questlines anyways, and it’s actually the highest alt priority, but I must try even harder now. Raids and everything could wait.

So, it’s Suramar for me on the weekend :) How are your days?


One thought on “Trivia

  1. Me? I spent some time leveling pets since it is Critter week; I have a long view at Family Familiar. I’m leveling up my Fishing Artifact too — I’m enjoying some of the “get sidetracked” experiences right now!


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