Change of Paradigm & Dungeon Issues

Alt Management

By now, I seem happy with how my alts feel themselves at this stage of Legion.

My main Micromantica is at ilvl 854 – this is very good. The next LFR raid access is going to be 835, so I am way over it. Common mobs finally crack like nuts under my ice spells. She’s at 19 knowledge and 30 traits considering her artifact weapon. Profession skills are nice enough not to worry about them. She’s got all reputations over Revered. She’s eagerly grabbing every new Suramar storyline every week. So yes, she’s good.

As for other 11 alts, they’re good as well. Their ilvl is at least over 820, knowledge at least over 13, traits over 21. Almost all of them have completed the first leg of Suramar questline and ready for the biggest rep grind with Nightfallen.

At this stage it feels like I need to switch to One Day – One Alt playing style. I really need to put an effort in one alt per one sit. I feel like I should proceed through Suramar, grind world quests and reputations to notice the change.

So, then One Day – One Alt from now.

Dungeon Issues in Legion

I really grew to hate the dungeons. Not only I have to revisit them all the times, but I also meet jerk groups there more often than not – say, it’s one normal group out of five. People are being expelled for the slightest mistakes. All hells break loose in group chats. The other day I just don’t want to queue up at all even if I need to go there very much.

I’ve never seen such attitude before, not in any expansion. Even when everyone farmed Pandarian dungeons for tokens, the attitude was civil.

I could guess the reason is that dungeons are obligatory, and people run too much of them. Not only quests, professions and all are tied there, now it’s also 80-dungeon marathon. People want to run them FAST, asap, and the smallest delay – a slightly unexperienced player or a player who died is a nuisance. People don’t even resurrect anymore or take a boss wipe as a challenge – they just kick the players out immediately. Yes, the one who died is not resurrected – he’s kicked out. No matter the cause. Gradually you start to feel: if you managed to kill the final boss and weren’t kicked out, it’s a bliss, a miracle.

I was the victim of the said behavior and witnessed it done to other players dozens of times more. I don’t want to run dungeons anymore. I’m fed up with group content.

P.S. Don’t even start me with ‘run with the guildies!’ advices. When you have 4 or 5 dungeons to do on different alts, and same dungeons too – as a routine, you can hardly find a guild group for every run. Eager to run many low levels for no personal profit just because you don’t like a group finder. Not an option.


5 thoughts on “Change of Paradigm & Dungeon Issues

  1. We are seeing a distinct lack of interest in doing dungeons. Yeah there are people chiming in, asking in guild to do them, but normally met with crickets. I think actually there is one I have not even run. I tend to agree. No one wants to feel like something is mandatory. And how often have we heard them say. We don’t want raiders to feel like they “have” to do something.

    But I guess that does not apply to everyone.

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  2. Yeah man, it can get ugly quick. Even in the LFR I hear “kick the low DPS” when we are (mostly) sure to zoom through the raid with a lot of people; those five mans can be bitter.
    Getting kicked can be a shock — everyone else talked behind your back to vote and booted you — you get no explanation, not even a copy of the “why” of the vote. That can’t be right on any level.

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    • I normally get the idea why I was kicked even if I disapprove. Latest example, it’s Vault of the Wardens dungeon, and I hurried to jump the elevator which goes to the Inquisitor boss. I closely followed to a leading DH tank who didn’t care much because he had wings, and I didn’t see if the elevator was up before it was too late. I rezzed and ran a short distance from the second boss – it was two goddamn rooms, but couldn’t descend because the group already did and started an encounter. After the boss is down I’m kicked off at once for not participating in the fight, rich. Otherwise my performance in the dungeon was pretty great and flawless.

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    • I guess it all takes roots from obsession with quick runs, as if 10 extra seconds will ruin the whole dungeon run. Is everyone working at an ambulance? I don’t get it.
      When tanking, I make sure that all the tricky packs are cleared through or at least successfully avoided by the whole group before moving on. All the hurrying guys go hurrying in other groups than mine.

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  3. Today i saw this ugly attitude in LFR, the tankhole (sorry!) was lecturing everyone about raid mechanics like we all are morons! after one fight, he said “GG everyone” and i thought “nice” then he said “those who died: shame on you” and some people started to get irritated enough to talk back, this after long abuse of raid warning and chat, asking many times to kick this and that … sigh!

    Now i feel dreadful because the need to run so many dungeons for Illidan quest, i hope it’s worth it to do them.


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