World Quest Parade

Naturally the whole week has been a never-ending bouncing around world quests.

Just to remind you: the weekly quest grants you 5000 order hall resources for completing 20 world quests per alt. You also gain +50% reputation for single world quests, so it’s a small but nice buff too. Not to mention the usual emissary reward – which often grants +800 order hall resources as well.

In other words, upon completing the event you just stop worrying for order hall resources for at least a month. Your result upon completing the event would be 7000-10000 stack which is quite enough to fuel your artifact research and level up/gear up your necessary 5 followers – if you haven’t done it yet.

So, World Quests Week for Gnomecore

My 12 alt team means that I had a whole of 240 quests to complete. Scary as it may seem, it all needed just a small strategy to turn it all in a pleasurable and fun profit flow. Few tips for the world quest week event that I’ve developed:

  1. Go for short quests.Your average world quest should take 3 minutes tops.  Generally the kill-me-twelve is not good, you also need to avoid any gathering in highly populated hostile areas. Normally you go for these types: Kill an elite enemy, Fill the bar (several options beyond grinding, and killing a single mob grants 5-10% at once), Pick a single resource (kill a demon), Do any small fun activity (wand mastery in Azsuna, squirrels in Val’sharah, hunting the hunters in Highmountain etc.), Give in a profession quest if you can craft it and have mats.
  2. Go for quest batches. You may want to visit an area where you could do 2-4 quests within walking distance. But highest priority are short quests. If one of the closer ones involves grinding, drop it.
  3. Pick the rewards. You may still have to grind if a reward trinket is 815 and one of yours is 765. After all, you don’t want to end up with twenty 95-gold quests :)
  4. Emissary quests are nice if you could do at least three easily. If current emissary quests include two short and easy, and the other two require a dungeon run or grinding at faraway map corners, drop it.
  5. Don’t try and do them all in one sit per alt. You may want to complete the same easy quests with huge rewards alt by alt, and wait for another day for the new cool ones to pop. Waiting is bliss.

I’m very close to an end now here, having completed a total of 214/240 quests by now. With the guidelines I provided before, it was a pleasurable and fun journey.


Of course it was not only world quests for me. The week is being highly productive so far, and the goals/achievements go as follows:

  • Raising ilvl – an important side-goal. Almost all toons (11/12) can do heroic dungeons now, half has an access to Emerald Nightmare, three are qualified for Trial of Valor.
  • Professions – once you roll up the sleeves, it’s actually not that impossible. Blasted through 30 levels with enchanting and tailoring, now at 780 skill level, could do more, but mats were over.
  • Won The Shortest Distance achievement – gained from completing 20 puzzles off an Enginnering toy. It was hell! You really need to be an engineer to complete that :) But not impossible once you’ve learnt what to do. An achievement well earned, and it will be one of my most precious ones.
  • Trial of Valor raid – need to complete a small lead-in quest chain for every alt to be ready for the raid and go there upon reaching the right ilvl. I need these transmogs, they are actually pretty awesome for all armor types.
  • Talking of raids, successfully performed my first Legion raid tanking. It was Emerald Nightmare LFR, and it was Xavius for Bons the Mighty Warrior:


It was an easy kill, but I must say that I don’t like the EN raid neither as a tank nor as a dps. The encounters are quite understandable, but all in all are a mess. I’d prefer not to run this raid if I have an option. Will do it mostly for transmog – and for this reason, I see necks, rings and trinkets drop as a waste.

  • Micromantica, my main, has accidentally completed her first ever mythic dungeon yesterday – Catacombs of Suramar. The goal was to see the dungeon and complete a pair of quests.

I got there occasionally as my guildies wanted to do some mythics – they always yell in a chat. The only reason I don’t want to do mythics is that I have absolutely no desire or need to go there. Why, an exhausting, few hours version of the same dungeon that I will run hundreds of times during the expansion? No, thanks.

Suramar is a bit different, as it’s mythic-only. Still a shame it’s not in group finder yet for being the only difficulty.

The run was punctuated with many deaths, but we actually managed to push through to the end and even do a world quest there. The main stopper was that three of the guildies in group were actually healers, and two of them had to switch specs into some poor, non-powered dps. Moreover, we failed to complete several vital mechanics on bosses on our first tries, and we wiped and died. But still, we were positive and persistent. Once you know how the bosses work and experienced the mechanics on your own skin, the dungeon is actually a piece of cake.

  • There was a mess with Kirin Tor quests this week. The quests were very hard, and there were not enough. People kept sharing that you must have an excellent internet connection to complete them, it all sounded like a very grindy arcade game. So I didn’t even go there and try it myself – I was on a big, short-quest run, remember? And I hate the arcades too in my MMO.
  • Well, suddenly this morning you could just login on every alt and give in the emissary Kirin Tor quest on every alt even if you haven’t completed a single Kirin Tor world quest. A nice excuse from Blizzard for their failing Kirin Tor emissary quests I guess, but not that earned by me :) Be warned, it’s not a bug – it’s confirmed by Blizzard, so please go and get your unexpected rewards.

This very busy week comes to an end, and I’ll be back to my small routines on Wednesday. Having fun so far! What about you?


One thought on “World Quest Parade

  1. I’m having fun too! Raiding can dominate my play time but I’d rather be there with some friends; I like that part. I hope to get hijacked into doing some Timewalking this week; yowza: Cata dungeons!


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