What A Week!

And just as I scheduled some proper Suramar campaign catch-up for my alts… You know, LOTS of artifact power raining upon my 9+ artifact knowledge for completing the storyline.

Blizzard thinks otherwise.

This week: World Boss with 1000 order hall resources + weekly quest with 5000 order hall resources + apparently some side order hall resources for quests on the way. And +50% reputation for completing world quests too.

You can do all 20 in one sit per alt, you gain no extra rep for turning in emissary quests, so no point waiting for them.

This I must do on all of my alts. This solves the problem of even thinking about order hall “cash” for at least a month – it will be enough to upgrade the remained un-upgraded followers, and to fuel artifact knowledge research till the New Year.

Off for grinding. See you in a week :)


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