Traditional small thoughts in between the milestones:

  • Nomi was probably tuned a bit, as he granted two recipes for 7 orders to Hexen and one recipe for 4 orders to Melaris. But may be it’s still RNG at work.
  • Sitting at 9k/12k Suramar rep with Micromantica, and yet again saving the main storyline Suramar piece for a slow, relaxed questing evening
  • Not Revered yet with any factions
  • Artifact level: 15
  • Killed a second world boss!
  • Did some world questing in two zones, and wow, this was a significant progress in all of directions
  • I know my main should get more attention. And yet I’m all into toon leveling now
  • No, not boring, although I skip reading most quests of course now. I will read them carefully again when the last toon will do them
  • Scaling and choosing routes and quest hubs is awesome
  • Just want to drive all characters into level cap routines I guess
  • Still savoring dungeon runs for pillars for later on most toons
  • A pair of toons are 104, three are 110, the rest are 106 and up
  • Like I planned, doing quest hubs for whatever character I feel like playing at the moment. I could drop doing a quest hub in the middle and switch to another toon if I feel like it
  • The next goals upon driving them all to 110 would be Suramar campaign, class order hall campaigns, leveling professions and world questing for Artifact Power
  • Raiding really seems like a side dish now, one of many activities to do. And I think it’s good
  • All the 36 artifact weapons are mine, and there will be a blog post coming of course
  • I’m planning a series of posts about zones as well.

Have a nice day!


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