Just Playing Legion…

Yes, this is an ultimate goal and advice for me now.

When we just arrived into the new expansion, there was a sort of rush. Not even once before I saw this kind of nervousness at the first weeks of expansion launch.

People seemed to feel extremely uneasy at suddenly having their character aspects non-maxed. I wonder why, as most aspects were the same: actual level, item level, professions, reputations. We’ve inherited followers from Draenor, so it’s not that new as well – and besides, the followers are few now and their missions really pay off. Artifact weapon is a bit new, but it upgrades on your way.

I blame a pair of things for the rush. First, it’s confusion about the amount of content, and second, the gating system behind profession quests and reputations. 

I think it’s time we’ve started to unwind.

For myself, it’s no rush to be ready for raid nights this week. I am waiting for LFR which opens in the end of September – and it’s gonna be just the first wing. By the time we have three LFR wings, I’ll probably max all of my 12 toons to 110 and have them prepared for it. It maybe even better, as I will miss the first wipes and moans, and come there with people a bit experienced and geared up.

I’m in no rush because LFR raids in Draenor stayed relevant up to the last month of expansion – you could run even Highmaul and queues were not so long.

Micromantica, my flagship toon, will try and squeeze herself into the wing openings to see the raid – she’s very curious. I have her at 817, and I need very little to cap her to 825, the level required for LFR.

I need her to be prepared for every content opening – the new Suramar questlines, Karazhan, and everything. But she’s not in a rush. Just doing some small thing or two for her daily, and she progresses.

Meanwhile I’m dragging all the other toons further. My weekend was marked with getting extra artifact weapons (two more for the rogue Hexen and one more for the death knight Mindebad). Bons the warrior has finished all loremaster and explorer beside Suramar. She has fought in Ulduar for class campaign and she also ran the Maw of Souls dungeon – as a cowardly dps with valarjar blades level 1, not a tank.

After the Pawn Move – getting my toons to 101 – my focus now is capping the other toons one by one. And yet again, there’s no rush. I simply take the one I feel like playing and lead the toon to the zone I want to play at. I’ve demon-hunted Azsuna in full, but today’s morning was suddenly death-knighting class order hall campaign, and then paladining Stormheim which I will paladin to the end tonight. Just like this :)

Leveling this way is extremely satisfying. You have your obligatory leveling to do… and yet there is variability not only among zones, but within zones as well (except maybe Stormheim, but it also has a storyline fork in the end). Replaying the questline you feel like to replay at the moment, and a small chunk at a time – I don’t grow tired with this many toons, no. The fighting style of every class is very different which is different experience, and also they are doing profession questing which adds to the variability.

Eventually we will all be there, in Suramar and 110 with our profession maxed and leveled for the next content. I’m having fun.

I’m just playing Legion.


5 thoughts on “Just Playing Legion…

  1. So much story and every class gets a different one. It’s gonna be fun leisurely running through all of them. And to quote a wise Pandaren NPC : “Slow down. Life is meant to be savored.”


  2. I blame the quests, lol!
    Each one has a “hurry hurry” in the lines and if you hesitate on an escort the guy will give you a hard time. My first time through, I felt it; I was going and going. Now, I’m a bit numb to the urgency built into the story.


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