Just a quick barrage of small things:

  • Order Hall: I’m focusing now on leveling my followers – to see new cool missions and cool rewards
  • Besides, their 104-106 levels are not enough to procede with Order Hall campaign
  • Nomi burns all my food. He already burnt like 300 fish and 200 meat items. One recipe so far. I wish there was a progress bar, not RNG
  • Setting up with my daily routine
  • – New questline in Suramar every day for Micromantica at her 110
  • – Four world quests for one faction
  • – Covering an extra hub: a side questline, a profession quest, a dungeon or smth. like that
  • – Moving other toons like chess pieces one by one, step by step through leveling process
  • – Choose a toon I want to play at the moment and stop leveling when I don’t feel like it
  • Leveled Mayluna, my Feral Druid yesterday, with healing affinity
  • Quest with Tyrande at Val’sharah for Mayluna was bugged and stays bugged – couldn’t complete the zone. Wrote a ticket.
  • Otherwise she’s super fast in leveling, sneak, slash, bite, and everything’s dead
  • Is leveling punishing just for casters, and because they are slow casters?
  • Micromantica feels herself way better as Fire Mage, yet still squishy :(
  • She dropped her Ice staff at lvl 14 and raised the Fire blade Felo’melorn to lvl 12 in one day
  • I am gonna stick with Fire I guess
  • Got all three artifacts for her
  • Got blades for Bons for her Fury spec
  • I’m gonna see each and every of 36 artifacts, even the healer specs
  • Now that I have 12 toons of different classes and who could re-spec easily, I don’t feel the need in my outsider toons at another realm
  • Gonna delete them.
  • 12 it is. Just perfect.
  • I feel awesome thinking of my toons as of the mage, the druid, the shaman and so on :)
  • Have a nice day!

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