Legion Garrisons aka Class Order Halls

Let’s continue talking about Legion expansion impressions. My next post would be about class order halls.

Having completed artifact weapons for every class, I managed to see all the class order halls.

Of course they couldn’t be equally cool, but Blizzard tried their very best to communicate class fantasy to us. This they achieved. But order halls are not equal in terms of coolness. It’s probably to every person’s liking, but here’s my rating.

Top class order halls for me would be:

  • Druid – the most peaceful lush area ever. It’s all the beauty of Val’sharah enhanced tenfold.
  • Hunter – I fell in love with the lodge. It’s a refuge in the wilds, so cozy and tranquil.
  • Priest – the temple is plain but absolutely majestic.
  • Shaman – the Maelstrom is fun. These caves give a feeling of space, and it’s live as hell.

Nice order halls which lack something nevertheless:

  • Warrior – yes, it’s basically Valhalla, and the viking spirit is there. Still a feast hall is just a hall, I’ve expected more of feast going on there.
  • Monk – it’s the central temple at a floating turtle, the pandaren starting zone. Beautiful and full of colors, but the statue in the center sucks out all the space of the hall.
  • Warlock – the design is not so good. There’s too much fel world stones which draw all the attention from the details.

These order halls are well done according to class fantasy, but failed to deliver the wow-effect:

  • Demon Hunter, Rogue, Death Knight – well, it’s basically just a hideout in Dalaran, just a Felhammer spaceship and just an Acherus. Nothing more, nothing less.

These order halls are plain dull:

  • Paladin
  • Mage

As for how these Order Halls work – well, I’m totally happy. It’s an improved Garrison, a polished one – the one which should have been in Draenor.

Mission table is awesome, and that is why:

  1. You have very few followers, and they all have names and matter. You can learn them, yes. They are not just ‘match a cube with a square hole and cylinder with a round hole’ game. They are persons.
  2. They yell something when you assign them for mission. Again, it reminds you that they are living and acting heroes, not items.
  3. You can send two heroes for a three-people mission. That’s what I lacked in Draenor so much. You could win the mission with 1 follower, but you had to assign another two just to fill the slots.
  4. There is a campaign chained to the missions.
  5. The rewards are significant, and they matter. They are worth sending for.
  6. The number of missions is not overwhelming, and they are exactly as long as you need not to return to Order Hall every hour, but also have these few minutes of peaceful activity to do in the morning and in the evening.
  7. The ‘Santa’s Little Helper’ feature – in the mage hall I’ve explored so far you can hire/summon water elementals and battle mages. These squads act as a significant mission support, and I like that they are not eternal, but vanish after a pair of missions. It’s a nice game.

There’s an Order Hall upgrade option, but it seemed to me a bit dull. You choose one of the options like in Starcraft Terran campaign. The very same tech tree, several tiers, you choose one of two options per tier. I wish that upgrading through tiers would change the looks of the Order Hall, adding some details. Maybe it does, but I didn’t notice it yet? I’ve improved to tier one so far.

Finally, there’s this artifact improvement item. Animations are great, but it annoys a bit that you have to visit it every time you collect enough AP. Still I would vote for this small inconvenience. It adds some class fantasy and meaning into your actions.

There are also class order hall specific things. I’ve noticed one yet: at a shaman hall there is a totem puzzle on the floor, and it was very fun to play. I’ve completed the first round (it was like a daily), and saved the others for later. Maybe there are things like that in other order halls? Please tell me.

All in all Class Order Halls seem like a perfect work on the mistakes made with Warlords of Draenor Garrisons. It’s an important place and to visit it everday, but it doesn’t concentrate all your gameplay around it. It’s social. It enhances your class fantasy. And it’s a refuge where you could hang out and peep at other class champions.

Class Order Halls: 10 points out of 10


3 thoughts on “Legion Garrisons aka Class Order Halls

  1. Thanks for the posting! My druid and hunter can get up those temporary fillers for the missions (treants and archers) of which I was faithful to use until I realized you can send two followers to fill in three slots.
    It’s super early for me but I want a bodyguard type experience while leveling but (so far) I have to keep committing them to missions. Early would have been best, I feel, since by the time I get enough followers; I think I won’t care or want a bodyguard anymore.
    The Druid dream-portal from anywhere is terrific! The Hunter jump from Dalaran is not as convenient as a Druid nor as intuitive as I missed the option for a while (not too long).


      • It is a ride to your class hall via an eagle; very speedy. Hunters “jump” to their hall via this guy on the Dal flight landing; probably a bad word on my part. A druid can get to the class hall anywhere anytime, the hunter has to use that eagle in Dal or take a flight path.


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