Legion: Countdown

TL;DR: I am prepared.

On Friday I had a list of things I wanted to complete before Legion. And wow, I did it all and more!

Hedersen – cleared Lunarfall mine for the last time today. She steps into Legion with her mining skill around 580. That will do.

Aurinko – had just enough mats today to raise her Tailoring to 700. It’s perfect timing, as leveling Tailoring is based on daily cooldowns. Obviously she had leveled her Engineering with ease and up to 715.

Bons and Paitsu – they both won their starting weapons for tanking specs from invasions. They also need a visit to Zangarra to buy the tanking rings for their specs, and they’re set and ready. I think they are going to level and proceed through Legion as tanks, but they will develop their DPS artifacts as well.

Melaris – the Demon Hunter – found herself without a single profession. She boosted Cooking and First Aid to 700, and she picked Mining and Herbalism. I have all the professions on my Alliance alts, so this would be the nice choice. Extra mats, no rush, no recipes.

Melaris opened all the world map. Yes, I have all maps opened on all of my alts, and she’s no exception.

Hexen – stole 10k coins from Tanaan mobs and got her the barrel toy!

Lizgun – picked up the middle of quest chain in Azshara and did it to the end. It was a great lore piece, the one I missed before. You meet Azuregos and Kalecgos in person. And a toy reward!

Glory of the Cataclysm Raider – I have completed 7 achievements that I missed – one at Throne of Four Winds, one at Blackrock and every achievement in Twilight Bastion. It was a piece of cake, and I did them on Survival Hunter – Lizgun. Drake of the East Wind is mine now! The whole run through 3 raids took me less than two lazy hours with a morning coffee. Now I have all the raid meta-achievements up to Dragon Soul.

I didn’t expect it, but it happened just in time. Yesterday I did one more daily at Storm Peaks, and it finally dropped a White Polar Bear. I’ve been doing this for 4 months, not missing a day. Now Micromantica can safely reschedule her hearthstone from K-3 to somewhere in the Broken Isles!


Then, I finally got to the pet battles. I took my pets and devoted Sunday to ‘Pokemon GO’. Here’s what we got:

– Pandaren Spirit Tamer
– The Longest Day
-All Pets Allowed

… and all the Safari collectionist achievements. Wow, my pets were on fire.

Now that’s a list of activities! Tell me there’s nothing to do in WoW :)

Launch Day

Legion drops today at 1 a.m. St:Petersburg time. I will login by midnight I think. I will take either Kellers or Hedersen, the two backup toons from another realm, and try to do some initial questing.

My goals of the launch night are Dalaran, class order hall, artifact quest chain and maybe some questing in the Broken Isles if the queues and crowds are not very big. Of course there will be lots of rushing hardcore players who want to 110 by the morning, and they will. I’m not gonna compete – in fact, if I see crowds upon my quest mobs, I would rather step aside and explore the terrain a bit. On the launch night I just want to take a look on the Broken Isles. Take a stroll. Enjoy.

The real questing will start for me on Tuesday morning. I will take one of the toons from my Ultimate Team – I don’t know yet which – and I will go for Loremaster and Explorer.

I want to start with Highmountain – the music there and the moose Tauren are so cool.

Are you prepared?


2 thoughts on “Legion: Countdown

  1. I’m prepared too! Prepared for some surprises, lol. Who knows how my reality will shift? Grats on that darn Barrel Toy, I’ve been looking at that grind, well done.
    One thing new to our play-style is the “five tap rule”, up to five players can tab a single mob for xp or good results — expect some speedy players to run by a-tapping and running on; especially this first week when it can be super crowded in a zone. But, you knew that.
    My launch time is 1am too, I’ll make sure at least to visit Dalaran — but I’m no racer through content; every philosopher in the world has said “it’s the journey”, smart guys.


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