Last Hours Before Legion: #FriendshipMoose

As I am writing this post, it’s an hour and a half before Legion launch. Everything is prepared, my toons are ready, and me too.

The last hours of Legion were marked with a major Draenor farewell bonus: a Horde guild “Черный отряд” (Black Company) from EU-Soulflayer launched a #FriendshipMoose event to help the players get their mooses from Archimonde.

The organisation was utmost perfect. Many people showed up as expected – and the player rotation was arranged smoothly. The guild members sent the applicants to die in the pits right after the pull, and it took them what seemed like 2 or 3 minutes to knock Archimonde into the ground and out of Azeroth history forever. Five minutes to regroup the players, and the next pack of players steps to claim their moose.

I went with Gardell, my paladin, and there is a rule: he (or she) who earns the mount, shows the mount. Here we are:



#FriendshipMoose is an exclusive event among Russian realms. People sold the Archie kills all the expansion long, but never gave it away for free. I think I see this event for the first time here. It was a great Draenor farewell! And why did they do this? Guild advertisement.

It’s my pleasure to recommend them ever since not only in social media, but in my blog as well.

  • Guild: Черный отряд
  • Realm: EU-Soulflayer (PvP)
  • Website:

As for the moose itself, not only I’m happy with this furry guy, but also the lore which came with it. The lore was… HUGE. It’s a straightaway link to Valsharah zone and Emerald Nightmare raid. How’s that for a pair of quests?

I’m happy. I’m set and done with Draenor. An hour left until Legion. And I’m going to hype a bit around Dalaran and take some shots :)

This is my last post in Warlords of Draenor expansion. The Burning Legion has come.


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