Prepared for Legion: What Are You Gonna Do on a Drop Day?

It’s Friday, and it’s basically four days left until Legion strikes us at its full might.

Loose Ends Before Drop Day

Anticipation time is weird for me. I’ve got almost all my goals completed. There are very few things to do yet:

  • Drive Hedersen daily through her garrison mine to raise her skill as far as possible (525 now)
  • Upgrade Aurinko’s Tailoring and Engineering from 670 to 700
  • Hunt the demon invasions a bit more to get Bons and Paitsu their tanking starter’s weapons. Yes, they’ve got official second specs yesterday! And I may even consider them as tank toons with a DPS off-spec.
  • Steal 10k coins from Draenor humanoids – it means a toy. It’s not especially long or hard, but a bit grindy. Stealing from a daily zone in Tanaan is 15 minutes, and it grants 700-1000 coins. Like I said: easy, but grindy.
  • Speaking of toys reminds me that there is a Horde-specific questline in Azshara which grants you a toy. It’s low level obviously, but I can’t make myself go there.
  • Maybe I will try to go through few Cataclysm Raider achievements left.

This is my plan for weekend and Monday.

Drop Day

For the first time in my life I’ve taken a small 2-days vacation for expansion launch. It has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with my desire to get to 110 asap. There won’t be any chase for me. I’m going to explore the Broken Isles slowly, carefully, doing and reading every quest, enjoying the scenery. Leveling will take what it takes naturally.

The reason I take the days-off is that I won’t be able to think about anything but ‘a whole new world’ waiting for me at home. I would be reading blogs, twitters, grasp every new bit of information and the lot. Not much use will come from me at my office, so I better officially stay at home and play.

As for drop event, I will be there. I would laugh at the hurrying people who will try to make it to 110 and dungeons in the first night, I would try to quest a bit – competing with hundreds of players for the mobs, I will try to see Artifact quest chain and Class Order Hall – and then I go to bed. But all in all the expansion launch moment… it’s like a New Year countdown, with all the excitement and happiness. Yes, I want that.

Goodbye, Gottenbar

As I planned, I’ve deleted three cap-level toons yesterday. But for one of them I made a big deal and a bit of roleplay. My seasoned warrior Tauren passed away in Orgrimmar. He didn’t feel well. He was old, exhausted, and he just couldn’t manage Legion campaign. The invasions were a bit too much for him, his hands are not firm anymore.

He walked through Orgrimmar to the Valley of Spirits when he felt dizziness. His sight went dark, and he lay down to rest a bit. He never woke up again.



4 thoughts on “Prepared for Legion: What Are You Gonna Do on a Drop Day?

  1. Yep! I’m excited about Drop Day as well. I’ll stay up (1 am, my time) and head to Dalaran to enjoy the festival. I might manage to stay up and hour. Then, the next day; to the fun.
    It is hard letting go of Alts, well done.
    Question: will your miners and herbalists return to their garrisons after visiting a trainer (to get the new cap) and buzz through some ore and herbs for easy profession points? It would feel kind of creepy/redundant to me but I think it’ll offer points.


  2. I plan to get a good nights sleep, brew a bunch of coffee, and then unleash the elements upon the Legion. They are not prepared!


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