Done with Invasions & Nordrassil

Let the charts speak for themselves.

August 13


August 21


Sometimes I’ve colored the items less than 700 lvl if they couldn’t be replaced via invasions.

Baisa will not probably get her 700. She lacks her Epic Ring. She also cannot pull out weapons. Yes, she has a hammer or a wand to choose from – and she could upgrade it to 725, but her off-hand is 655 anyways, and I see no reason to spend several thousands on the off-hand which will be replaced by artifact in a week. 685 staff it is. Also I don’t feel the urge to fish out 710-720 items to raise her ilvl – it also doesn’t make sense now.

And obviously I’m good and done with pets, mogging, Broken Shore and Khadgar scenarios.

It didn’t take much time with this many alts. Mind you, I’ve actively participated in 85% of invasions, helping as much as I could. Some of the Legion attacks I’ve spent on the verge of the zone – you don’t even need to be close to town to get your invasion crates and credit. But all in all I’ve tested my rotations, survival abilities, and well, it was fun.

Lore Question to All of You:

We all know that Nordrassil was a THING in Third War. You know, all the Legion and Scourge might was concentrated on the World Tree in Hyjal. Archimonde himself saw it as an ultimate goal. He was summoned to Azeroth near Dalaran in Eastern Kingdoms, and he immediately left for Kalimdor and Hyjal to corrupt and break the world tree.

Then there was an explosion. Night Elves lost their immortality.

But Nordrassil still holds an enormous power. There’s Ysera in person. Ragnaros launched his attack at Nordrassil – this is the point he chose from all Azeroth. Finally, there’s a lake – yes, this big and shimmering one – where Illidan emptied his last vial with Well of Eternity water, and it cost him 10,000 years in prison.

So, why then demons ignore Nordrassil and Hyjal during invasions?


3 thoughts on “Done with Invasions & Nordrassil

  1. I don’t have an answer; I think the Well of Eternity is a fantastic power source and arcane battery that, if the owners (good guys or bad guys) should tap it that they’d be super-duper strong.
    I’ll have to look it up but isn’t Nighthold also a place where a variation of the Well’s waters exist?
    You don’t suppose that Nordrassil masks the Well from being noticed, do you?


    • They used Sunwell as a battery to resurrect Kel’Thuzad as a powerful Lich, they used Dalaran’s arcane clot to summon Archimonde, and then they went straight to Kalimdor. Archimonde was lured to the world tree like a shark to a drop of blood in the ocean. There was no search party, the Legion just headed straight there.

      Nordrassil covers the Well in cosmic scales – you can’t detect Azeroth from Twisting Nether, because the Well stops acting like a beacon. But once they’re here… they would rather prefer a year supply of zhevra teeth in Barrens to the Well of power? Really?

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